Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday, December 13th, 2013


Friday, December 13th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Grab twenty little sheets from the sign-in table!  J
3.     Please sit in your same-ish seat—it’s not the end of the world—I just faced the rows towards the front of the room!  J

Sharing and Revision Preparation
1.      Get a sheet for Santa Helper Letter Listening.
2.     Listen to (and look at) the letters.
3.     Fill out your sheet as we go—SHOWING, NOT JUST TELLING review.
4.    Edit the letters on the big screen.  Let’s try to get them perfect!
5.     Suggest any revisions needed.

Create Final Draft of Letter!
1.      Consider EVERYTHING YOU JUST HEARD in our sharing session!
2.     Look over the comments your partners gave you. 
3.     Make revision and editing changes as necessary. 

Welcome to CPR!        
Friday, December 13th, 2013

Journal (ten minutes (DAILY GRADE)
1.      USE THE WHOLE TIME!  You’re almost a college freshman—you should be able to write on demand, then expand! 
2.     Review yesterday’s journal over self-definition and identity. 
·      Label:  QW#3:  Gender Roles and Expectations (p. 16)

Started at 11:24; ending @ 11:34

Partner Journal Response
1.      Write your partner three sentences of specific comments, and aim for academic language in your writing. 
a.     At least three detailed sentences
                                      i.     Agree.
                                    ii.     Tell him/her if the journal made you think of a new idea/or something you hadn’t considered.
                                   iii.     Add on to an idea he/she says.
                                   iv.     Compliment their vocabulary—diction!
                                    v.     Disagree, respectfully.  
                                   vi.     Relate to something
b.    Signed by you
c.     Trade back with your partner, and read your comments.
d.    Please put this by my candle for turn-in.

Before Lunch
1.      Take the quiz, then turn it in at my candle.
2.     Review your annotations for pages 1-33.  Box any QUESTIONS.
3.     We will discuss those momentarily.
4.     NOTE:  We had a great twenty-minute discussion, lead by your questions.

After  Lunch
·      Review yesterday’s blog with assignments, then go!  J

Friday, December 13th, 2013

HOMEWORK for Monday
·      Pick up from sign-in table:  Read and annotate Professor Foster’s, “It’s Greek to Me”
·      Vocab War
·      Quizlet quizzes will be MONDAY as well—too much going on today!

Note:  Wherever we are in presentations, at 2:45 we will wrap it up and play WHO AM I?
1.      I will tape a card with a myth figure’s name on it to your back.  You will find a person who’s free, and you will ask, “Who am I?”
2.     Turn around so the person can see your back.  J
3.     Person, you tell the guesser ONLY ONE CORRECT FACT about the identity.
4.     (No, you may not say, “…rhymes with ‘Bersephone’ or ridiculous nonsense such as that.)
5.     Make ‘em work a little!  The more obscure the facts, the better!  Stretch their minds!  J
6.     Once you guess yours, you give your partner ONLY ONE CLUE to guess his/her. 
7.     If you fail to guess correctly, you find someone new, and you repeat the process.
8.     Return to me when you guess your card and need a new one!

BackBone Literarature:  Greek Mythology—
Questions, Resonances, Echoes
·      Why is it EVERYWHERE, still, after thousands of years?!
·      Motifs
·      Archetypes

Note:  I’m putting all our class review here:

Review from Yesterday—what do we remember?
1.           Helios
a.         God of the sun
b.        Rode his chariot across the sky = sunrise and sunset explanation
c.          Sisters were the dawn and the moon
d.        Son was killed by Zeus for stealing chariot
2.          Hebes
a.         Cup-bearer to gods on Mt. Olympus
b.        Marries Hercules
c.          Daughter of Hera
d.        Goddess of youth
e.         Friends with Aphrodite
3.         The Graces
a.         Three sisters
b.        Involved with arts as inspiration
c.          Personification of joy, bloom splendor, brilliance, festivity, beauty
4.         The Muses
a.         Nine of them
b.        Each had specialty/sector of the arts
                                                                           i.         Epic poetry
                                                                        ii.         History
                                                                     iii.         Tragic poetry
                                                                     iv.         Comic poetry and rural life
                                                                        v.         Lyric and love poems
                                                                     vi.         Hymns
                                                                  vii.         Astronomy
c.          Apollo is there dude!
5.         Satyrs
a.         Half-man, half-goat
b.        Pan is a famous one.
c.          They like sex, wine, and music!
d.        Excellent reed pipe (Pan pipe) players
e.         Cause mischief
6.         Cyclopes
a.         One-eyed monster
b.        Helped create three tools of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon
c.          Friends and co-workers with Hephaestus
d.        Offpring of Gaea and Uranus
e.         Trapped in Gaea (under the earth)
f.           Freed by Zeus to help in the battle against the Titans
g.         shepherds
7.         Python
a.         Giant snake
b.        Special friend/pet to Gaea
c.          Killed by Apollo
d.        Lived on/around Mt. Parnassus, CENTER OF THE EARTH!
e.         Apollo made his oracle there, after Python rotted away

Presentation Order for Round #3J
1.      Iris                               (Done)           
2.     Aesclepius                  (Done)
3.     Pegasus                      (Done)

Presentation Order for Round #4
1.      Amazons                    DONE
2.     Centaurs                     DONE
3.     Hecatoncheires
4.     Sirens
5.     Harpies
6.     Hydra
7.     Chimera
8.     Sphynx
9.     Cerebus
10.   Medusa
11.    Minotaur

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