Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 12th, 2013

If you're taking the ACT Saturday, try these links for practice:



Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please grab your folder and a new green portfolio possibility list.
3.     Get papers back, and read my comments.
4.     Check off items on your new checklist.
5.     Note:  20,000 grains of free rice were due today

Writing Assignment:  Ogden Nash Poems
1.      Let’s read some little poems by writer Ogden Nash (handout)
2.     What elements do you notice Nash using in many of the poems?
3.     Why would these appeal to a kiddo?
4.     Write three Ogden Nash Poems of your own, with these elements in each:
a.     Humor
b.    Animals or other topics children like
c.     Word-play
d.    Rhyme:  www.rhymezone.com
e.     Listen to the rhythm (number of syllables in each line).  Do you need to substitute any words so the flow is better?
f.      Is every word a strong one?  Use your Vocab Variety and thesaurus.com for help.
g.    length = two to eight lines for each poem
h.    a title that adds a dimension to the poem

Printing and Sharing
1.      Use the MLA format for heading.
2.     Put them all on the same page.
3.     Send it to the printer now.

Diction Review:  Little Lecture and Quiz--Let's See What You Know!     (Fifteen minutes)
1.      Listen to the lesson at this link:
2.     Take the quiz to see if you understood the main points of the lecture.
3.     Take a screen shot of your quiz score, and send it to me in an e-mail.

If you finish before I start reading Santa’s Helpers Letters, play free rice, please.

Welcome to CPR!          Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.

Think and Write About Reading
1.      Review your “How to Mark a Book” annotations.
2.     Circle or box the three BIG IDEAS you take away from this reading.
3.     Consider the reading you did when you read the following:
a.     Foster’s “It’s Greek to Me”
b.        Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex
c.     Research material on your Greek myth figures
d.    Shmoop.com
e.     Quizlet
4.     Now get out a fresh sheet of notebook paper.
5.     Tape the Whitman quote to the top of your page.
6. Write for ten minutes, making as many connections as you can between any parts of what Whitman is saying, and what YOU know about YOURSELF as a READER—either the reader you are today, or the reader you could someday become.

Journal Response Explanation
Ø  Share with a NEW person today—I will match you up a bit, but tell me if you’ve been with that person recently. 
Ø  Write your partner specific comments, and aim for academic language in your writing.
1.      At least two to three detailed sentences
a.     Agree.
b.    Tell him/her if the journal made you think of a new idea/or something you hadn’t considered.
c.     Add on to an idea he/she says.
d.    Compliment their vocabulary—diction!
e.     Disagree, respectfully.
2.     Signed by you, then returned to partner
3.     Read your partner’s comments.
4.    Make sure your name, date and “Whitman Quote, Again” are at the top of your paper.

When You Finish With Your Partner
5.     Come back to my desk, and pick up your original Whitman entry.
6.     What is similar between the two?  What is different?
7.     Write me a paragraph at the end of today’s journal that reflects on the answers to #6.
8.     Staple today’s journal on top of your original, then turn it in at my candle.
9.    Quizlet until lunch time, please.

Whitman Quote Responses—Original Entries versus the Ones You Wrote Today
1.      What’s the difference between reading for pleasure, and required reading?
2.     Do you read differently (use different strategies), depending on the reading?
3.     If you get sleepy when you read, what can you do about it?
4.     Celina used the word “aware” as a substitute for “alert”, and I want to ask you what it means to be “aware”.
5.     Can this class help you be a better reader?
6.     “Reading is a mental workout—prepare yourself.”  Mackenzie
7.     “What this quotes says to me is that reading is not an easy thing to do—like a gymnast’s struggle--you can’t just wake up one day and be an Olympic champion.  It’s takes hard work and dedication.  Much like reading, you wake up one day and expect to know how to read a higher-level textbook.  You have to start off slower and practice at it.  The more you read (or practice), the better off you will become, and the more you will learn.  What I think he is trying to say is that the process of reading takes time to develop.”  Keysha

 We spent the last twenty minutes of class studying quizlet or practicing for the ACT.

Homework = Free Rice due tomorrow = 20,000

BackBone Literarature:  Greek Mythology—Big
Resonances, Echoes
·      Motifs
·      Archetypes

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Review from Yesterday—what do we remember?
1.     Apollo
a.     Roman name = Apollo, too
b.    God of prophecy
c.     God of sun
d.    Twin brother of Artemis
e.    Took vengeance on woman who said she was a better mother than Leto
f.      Slew the Python (at Delphi)
g.    Daphne turned herself into a laurel tree to escape him
2.     Aphrodite
a.     Goddess of beauty
b.    Roman name = Venus
c.     Kid with Hermes = Hermaphroditus
d.    Had an affair with Adonis
e.    Had an affair with Ares
f.      Married to Hephaestus
g.    Son named Eros (Cupid in Roman)
3.     Ares
a.     God of war, destruction, plague
b.    Killed Adonis for sleeping with Aphrodite
c.     Symbol = spear and shield
d.    Sides with Trojans against the Greeks (and Athena) in Trojan War
4.    Athena
a.     Goddess of wisdom
b.    Goddess of strategic side of war
c.     Patron goddess of Athens  J
d.    Virgin goddess
e.    Turned
5.         Persephone
a.        Symbol = pomegranate seeds
b.        Kidnapped by Hades
c.         Turned all of Hades lovers into plants, after stomping them to death-ish
d.        Reasons for seasons
e.         Demeter’s daughter

Google Presentation Order
1.      Athena (Barbie)
2.     Uranus
3.     Rhea
4.     Prometheus
5.     Poseidon
6.     Hera
7.     Demeter
8.     Hephaestus
9.     Hermes
10.   Aesclepius
11.    Pan
12.   The Furies

Presentation Order for Barbie #3 and #4  J
Have I told you guys I love the heck out of you?! 
1.      Zeus
2.     Eros
3.     Helios
4.     Hebes
5.     The Graces
6.     The Muses
7.     Pegasus
8.     Satyrs
9.     Cyclopes
10.   Python

o   Sirens and Pegasus- Gracey Murphy
o   Minotaur and The Graces– Jiovanni
o   Medusa and Zeus– Amber Linnenkamp
o   The Amazons and Muses– Bailey
o   Helios and Hecatoncheires – Kristine
o   Cerberus & Eros- Sam Mullens
o   Satyrs and the Chimera – MK
o   Harpies & Python – Caitlin
o   Hydra and Cyclopes – Connor Ruffenach
o   Hebes and SphyERIKA???
o   Iris and Centaurs--LYNNETTE???  (Presenting Friday)

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