Sunday, December 8, 2013

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Monday, December 9th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Grab your folder.

Free-Write #5 (Started:  )
1.      Get out a blank sheet of notebook paper, and head it like this:
a.     Your Name
b.    Free Write #5
c.     12/9/2013
2.     Pull out yellow page 10 from your textbook
3.     The topic, genre, and style are yours.
4.     Write for a full ten minutes without stopping.
5.     I’m the only one who will read it.

Sharing:  Strongest Six-Word Memoir
2.     Play free rice for fifteen minutes; I’ll text you when to quit.
3.     We will buzz around the room, and you will read yours.

Diction Practice
1.      Play free rice at your BEST LEVEL (not starting over at Level 1) when you finish.
2.     Why are we playing free rice?
3.     20,000 grains are due by Tuesday, 12/10.

Writing Assignment:  Ogden Nash Poems
1.      Let’s read some little poems by writer Ogden Nash (handout)
2.     What elements do you notice Nash using in many of the poems?
3.     Why would these appeal to a kiddo?
4.    Write three Ogden Nash Poems of your own, with these elements in each:
a.     Humor
b.    Animals or other topics children like
c.     Word-play
d.    Rhyme:
e.    Listen to the rhythm (number of syllables in each line).  Do you need to substitute any words so the flow is better?
f.     Is every word a strong one?  Use your Vocab Variety and for help.
g.    length = two to eight lines for each poem
h.    a title that adds a dimension to the poem

Printing and Sharing
1.      Use the MLA format for heading.
2.     Put them all on the same page.
3.     Copy and paste ONE of them in the document I made in our class folder.
4.    We will read them aloud tomorrow!

Tuesday, Tomorrow

1.      Read our Santa’s Helper’s Letters
2.     Read some model letters from last year.
3.     Write a first draft of our letters.

Welcome to CPR!    Monday, December 9th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Please put your phone on your card on the circle table (hostage situation).
3.     Please take a chair where no one is right next to you.

Mid-Term Exam
You will need
1.      your Professor Foster article
2.     something to write with
3.     a sheet of notebook paper, in case you need extra space to write

1.      Grab your computer, and go into my library.
2.     You can either free rice or quizlet, but be silent, since people are trying to ace their tests!

Vocab Work
·      Go to quizlet, and study your new word list (I pulled them from the work you did yesterday on Professor Foster’s chapter, “It’s Greek to Me.” (quiz Friday)
·      Free Rice        (20,000 grains due by Wednesday, December 11th)

Monday, December 9th, 2013
When You Come In
1.      Please drag your God/Goddess Presentation to the correct folder in our shared AP collection.
2.     Rename it, “Your God/Goddess—Your Last Name”.
3.     Put your name in big letters on the front of your Foster article, then lay it by my candle.  Thanks!

BackBone Literarature:  Greek Mythology—Big
Resonances, Echoes
·      Motifs
·      Archetypes

Barbie Presentations
1.      Today, people told a brief story (one minute) about his/her god/goddess, then presented the myth Barbie.
2.     We listened the first time through the presentation, then took notes as we went back through the key points. 
4.     The following gods/goddess were presented:
5.     We will hear about the remaining gods/goddesses Monday!
Barbie Presentations from Friday—what do we remember?
1.     Gaea
a.     Mother Earth
b.    married to Uranus
c.     Pythos was her symbol and oracle
d.    Uranus stuffed children into her (into the earth)
e.    Mother to all the Titans
f.      Born from Chaos
2.     Cronus
a.     Castrated Uranus with a sickle!
b.    Tossed junk into ocean, creating sea foam from which Aphrodite was born
c.     Rhea’s husband and brother
d.    Father of the Olympians
e.    Ate all his babies except Zeus
3.     Atlas
a.     Titan
b.    God of astronomy
c.     Held up the sky as punishment
d.    Tried tricking Hercules to take over, but Hercules tricked him back
4.    Dionysus
a.     God of wine, celebration, theater, partying, good times
b.    Had a posse of nymphs and Maenads
c.     Hung with Pan
d.    Delivered by C-section from Semile, then popped into Zeus’s leg until ready to be born
5.         Hades
a.        God of the underworld
b.        Richest god (minerals, etc)
c.         Tricked Persephone into having to stay underground with him—pomegranate seeds
d.        Had invisibility helmet
e.         Had a pet guard dog--Cerebus
6.        Artemis
a.        Goddess of the hunt
b.        Twin of Apollo
c.         Goddess of childbirth
d.        Goddess of the moon
e.         Turned her foes into animals, who were then usually shot by her or someone else
f.           Deer—very important

A word about note-taking….

Presentations we’ll hear today:
1.     Apollo
2.     Aphrodite
3.     Ares
4.    Athena
5.         Persephone

Start making connections between our first round of figures. 
Golden Apple (motif)

Apple (Greek, Bible, Snow White)
Literal versus figurative
Fruit versus apple

·      Quizlet
·      Vocab War
·      Decide a format for round three of presentations
·      Select third Greek myth figure—please type your figure, then your name, below:
o   Sirens and Pegasus- Gracey Murphy
o   Minotaur and The Graces– Jiovanni
o   Medusa and Zeus– Amber Linnenkamp
o   Harpies & Python – Caitlin
o   The Amazons and Muses– Bailey
o   Helios and Hecatoncheires – Kristine
o   Hydra and Cyclopes – Connor Ruffenach
o   Cerberus & Eros- Sam Mullens
o   Satyrs and the Chimera - MK

Read and annotate for presentations #3 and #4.

…Barbie templates and presentation order to you tomorrow!

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