Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Welcome to CPR!         Friday, December 6th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.

Greek Myth Review
·      Share one of the strategies/procedures you used to study last night.
·      How is this review and exam like one you will do in college?

Myth Allusions
·      Fill out the worksheet in your trios.  You each need your own doc!
o   Greek Myth Study Guide, 2013 (in our class folder on google drive)
o   Barbie packet
o   Your dvd notes
o   Yellow notes from class presentations
o   Green packets
o   Shmoop mythology website


In-Class Myth Exam Test Prep (final time)
2.     Finish with motifs OR review for exam using the online doc.
3.     Come back when I call you to pick up your Professor Foster chapter.

Homework for Monday

·      Review the material above.  This is a college-level skill.  …no worksheet, no online work—just reading, reviewing, thinking, filling in gaps, and connections.
·      Use this site to help you review:

Friday, December 6th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Grab your folder.

1.      Get your SHOW, DON’T TELL POEM off the heater.
2.     Fill out the rubric thoughtfully and completely with me now.
3.     Staple the rubric on top of the poem, then turn it in by my candle.

·      Get papers back.
·      Mackenzie, please make me a list of new writing pieces NOT on your folder checklist.  Thanks!

Take Stock!
1.      Turn to the Unit One big questions, yellow page 3.   Have we answered these questions this term?
2.     We can either have everyone answer a question verbally, and answer all the questions fully…
3.     …or we can take a written quiz.
4.    What is the will of the people?

Portfolio Reminder
·      Group Exploration and Discussion

Portfolio Preparation (Handout:  Portfolio Discussion Sheet—one per group; started 10:20-ish.
Ø  This is the Portfolio Lesson for the week.
Ø  The goal is to answer your questions and remove confusion, and push you towards thinking about the shape your project might take—BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.
Ø  Turn in your yellow sheets at my candle when our time is up.
Ø  Portfolio Due Date =  Tuesday, January 14th

·      We all entered our portfolio ideas into the spreadsheet in our class folder.
·      We watched ten more minutes of the Portfolio Slideshow, to help people get ideas.

Homework:  Diction Practice
1.      Play free rice at your BEST LEVEL (not starting over at Level 1) when you finish.
2.     20,000 grains are due by Tuesday, 12/10.


Friday, December 6th, 2013

Backbone Literature:  Greek Mythology
Ø Why Greek Mythology?  Why is it worth our time this term?
Ø …because it’s the BACKBONE of most of the reading we will do this term, and maybe for the reading you will do throughout your life.
Ø …because allusions/references to it are everywhere! 

Big Idea
Ø Continue to listen and look for resonances, echoes, patterns.

A word about note-taking….

Barbie Presentations
1.      Today, people told a brief story (one minute) about his/her god/goddess, then presented the myth Barbie.
2.     We listened the first time through the presentation, then took notes as we went back through the key points. 
4.     The following gods/goddess were presented:
5.     We will hear about the remaining gods/goddesses Monday!
Barbie Presentation Order
1.           Gaea
2.          Cronus
3.         Atlas
4.         Dionysus
5.         Hades
7.         Artemis

Presenting MONDAY
.         Apollo
8.         Aphrodite
9.         Ares
10.    Athena
11.       Persephone

·      Read and annotate Professor Foster’s “He’s Blind for a Reason, You Know”
·      Minimum Standards for Annotation
o   Look up and define words.
o   Make connections.
o   Look up allusions.
o   Summarize.
o   Ask questions.
o   Make predictions.
o   Agree/disagree.

·      Quizlet
·      Vocab War

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