Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday, December 19th, 2013


When You Come In
·     Grab your manila folder, please!

1.   Free Write #6
a.     Page 10, if you want it
b.    Ten minutes, writing whole time
c.     No one will read it but me, unless you want to share it today
d.    Started @ 9:53; ending at 10:03
e.     If you might want to read this piece aloud today, keep it.  If you are NOT going to read it aloud today, turn it face down, and pass it towards Altyn, please!
2.  Folder Organization/Portfolio Preparation
a.     Spreadsheet explanation w/guinea pig
b.    You pick your BEST work, or the material who SHOWS who you are the BEST; remember, you can still REVISE IT.
c.     Look at EVERYTHING on your green sheets and in your folder, so you really pick your best
3.  Get papers back (with caveat).
4. Spreadsheet Info
5.  Small Sharing Groups—did you staple the yellow comment sheets to the BACK of each piece you read? 
6. 11:00—Organized turn-in of materials—all must have the rubric stapled on top, completely filled out.
a.     Prompt Word Poem
b.    Show, Don’t Tell Poem
c.     Russian Tailor Poem
7.  Please put your manila folder on the back table now.

Small Sharing Groups--How They Work; Why We Use Them; What I Expect
We are going to get into small sharing groups, and here’s why:
1.      It’s sometimes daunting to read your work in front of the whole class.  But reading to three or four other people can be a lot easier, more relaxed.
2.     Hearing your work out loud can change the way you view it—you hear things you aren’t aware of when you’re simply reading over it in your head.
3.     Your classmates have written some powerful pieces, some funny pieces, some thoughtful pieces.  I think it’s important that they have an audience (more than just me) for these pieces.

What to do in your small sharing group:
1)  Start with someone, anyone.
a.     That writer tells the group WHAT he/she is reading, and WHY he/she has chosen to read it.
b.    Then the writer reads!
c.     Group members listen carefully.
d.    When the author finishes, applaud, and then have each person in the group make one positive, specific comment about the work.
e.      Give everyone time to fill out the comment sheets before going on to the next story.
2)    Now the next person in the circle share a piece, and so on, until everyone has shared.
3)    Return to the room by _________.

Questions before you get into your groups:
1.      Have you reminded yourself to treat everyone with the utmost courtesy and respect?
2.     Do you have your folder and your comment sheets? 
3.     Have you turned off your phone and put it on its name card on the heater?

Room Assignments
·      Loula’s Room             Group #1
·      Seberg’s Room          Group #4
·      Sam’s Room               Group #3

·      McGilvrey                   Group #2


Welcome to CPR! 

Thursday, December 19th, 2013
Homework Due THURSDAY
1.     Put your name in big letters on the top of PAGE 7, then put on the heater, please.  I’ll have it back to you in a jiffy!
2.    Put your name at the top of page 15, and put it on the heater.
3.    Due Tomorrow:  annotations on entire novella

Vocab Practice Quietly On Your Own
·      Quizlet for five minutes; you will take the pre-quiz at the end of that five minutes.
·      NOW:  Go pick up your homework off the desks, please.
·      11:30:  Get a quiz, and spread out throughout the room to take it.

Partner Discussion (Five Minutes)
Prep for Whole-Class Discussion—your partner can help you clarify your thinking, so you don’t jump the tracks during our class discussion (or during the final)
1.      “The Red Clowns”,  pages 99-100
2.     Page 15 in your packet
3.     What is EXPLICIT (directly stated)?  What is IMPLICIT (hinted at)?

Ø  Type your questions here as quickly as possible—I’d like a list of five to ten questions at least at the end of five minutes:

“Red Clowns” Questions We Have and Want Answers To
1.     What actually happened to Esperanza?
a.     “only his dirty fingernails against my skin….”
b.    “where he touched me, I didn’t want it”
c.     He said, “I love you, Spanish girl, and pressed his sour mouth to mine”
d.    They all lied—all the books and magazines
e.    I couldn’t do anything but cry
f.      The one who grabbed me by the arm; he wouldn’t let me go
g.    Why didn’t you tell them to leave me alone
h.    Please don’t make me tell it all.
i.      The moon that watched, the tilt-a-whirl, the clowns watching
2.    Were the clowns actually watching?
3.    Was E. still in the carnival area when this happened?
4.    How many men were there?
a.     Their
b.    Them
c.     The one who grabbed my arm
d.    They
e.     The one who grabbed my by the arm
5.    Was Sally supposed to meet her there?
a.     Yes.
b.    I waited such a long time….
c.     You never came for me.
d.    …where you said.
e.     I want to be with you because you laugh on the tilt-a-whirl.
f.      …called her name.
g.    but you never came.
6.    Was Esperanza alright with it before?
a.     The one who grabbed me by the arm
7.    What was Sally’s connection with the guys?
8.    Was Esperanza actually talking to Sally in this part or just herself?
a.     Talking to her inside her own mind—imagining conversation she would have; Sally never replies; Sally, you lied….

Whole-Class Discussion—Practice for Socratic Fishbowl Final
1.      Stay IN THE TEXT. 
2.     An inference is a reasonable guess based on the information in the text. 
3.     Stay focused. 
4.     State only inferences that can be supported by the text. 
5.     If it cannot be supported by the text, do not say it!
6.    Be clear. 
7.     State your inference in thirty seconds. 

Socratic Fishbowl Final Explanation (handout)

Homework = Take-Home Quiz, Page 65- end of novel
1.      You may use your annotations.  Make sure your answers reflect this.
2.     You may not use any other people or resources of any kind.
3.     It is due when you come to class.
4.   Prepare for the Socratic Fishbowl.

2:20 Dismissal Schedule for Tomorrow--thanks, Ash!

Block 1 –- 8:10-9:25
Block 2— 9:50-11:05
Block 3—11:10-1:00

Block 4—1:05- 2:20


Thursday, December 19th, 2013

When You Come In
Ø  Please sign.
Ø  Please make sure your name is on the #1-#8 vocab sheet, and put it on the heater.  Thanks!

Ø Reminder About Homework = Semi-Colon lesson for your writing of the 128-word sentence (pages 2-3):

Ø Save them in the folder, by classtime tomorrow.

Frankenstein Pair-Share
NOTE:  Show “KINDNESS TO AUTHORS”, as Nabokov said.  Don’t make judgments and tell us your opinions.  Make an argument, and support it with a detail from the text.
You and your partner do the following:
1.      Weather
a.     Discuss what you notice about the weather in the first ten pages. 
b.    How many details are there showing weather?
c.     What is the significance of all this weather?
2.     Discuss questions you have—annotations through page 34.
3.     Characterization
a.     You and your partner discuss and fill out the “Active Reading” (page 11) of this packet.
b.    Also fill out page 12.
c.     Write small, and use as many textual details as possible.  
4.    Start @ 2:20; ending @ 2:40
5.     KW:  Talk about “foil.”

Reading Assignment
Ø  For Tomorrow:  34-44
Ø For Break:  44-70 (remainder of Frankenstein’s point of view)

Ø Find and fill in vocab words #9-17 filled in on your pink packet.

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