Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


1.      Hello!  You have all block to accomplish three major tasks.  Stick to the times I allotted for each task, or plan on doing homework.
2.     Listen up, peeps:  Mr. Collins is my sub today.  For those of you who don’t know, he used to be an English teacher.  He has just a tad bit of experience here.  SO USE HIM AS A READER TODAY!  Ask him for advice.  You can see he’s a very pleasant sort of person—not scary at all.  And he knows a lot about showing, not just telling, diction, line breaks, titles—he’s a whiz!
3.     It should be a quiet work period today. 

9:55-10:20—Revise Russian Tailor Poem to Final Draft
1.      Megan will go over the rubric with you for the RUSSIAN TAILOR POEM.
2.     Carefully the directions at the top of the rubric!
3.     REVISE TO FINAL DRAFT, using the RUBRIC as your target.
4.     Consult Mr. Collins for help.
5.     Print a final copy.
6.     Fill out your rubric completely, numbers and evidence, and staple it on top of the final draft.
7.     Turn it in to Megan.

10:20-10:55—Complete your final copy of the Prompt Word Poem.
1.      Megan will go over the rubric with you for the Prompt Word Poem.
2.     Revise and finish your poem, using the RUBRIC as your target.
3.     See Mr. Collins for advice.
4.     Print a final copy.
5.     Fill out your rubric completely, numbers and evidence, and staple it on top of the final draft.
6.     Turn it in to Megan.

10:55-11:15:  Quiet Quizletting
1.      Start in “Learn” mode.   Complete “Learn” mode.  You will show up on my list when you do complete it.
2.     When you feel you know the words, play “Scatter” and “Space Race,” or try the “Spelling.”

Welcome to CPR

11:20-12:05—Trio Work Time
Work in your trios to thoughtfully complete all the following pages in your packet:
·      8
·      9
·      11
·      12
·      13

Motifs We See So Far (two-thirds through book)
1.         Danger/threat from older men
2.       Death
3.       Shyness
4.      Shame
5.       Names
6.      Growing up
7.       New experiences
8.      Friendship
9.      Poverty
10. Sisters
11.    Family
12.  Esperanza’s name
13.  Family differences
14. Neighborhood
15.  House
16. Lack of confidence
17.  Nicknames
18. neighbors

·      Ashley, you have five minutes to talk about the party Friday and show people where the sign-up sheet it.

Quiet Quizletting
·      Make sure you’ve completed Learn Mode, then move on to spelling and games (pre-quiz tomorrow):  http://quizlet.com/32598705/fiction-terminology-abbreviated-flash-cards/

Review the blog from Tuesday to make sure you have everything from Mango read, annotated and completed by tomorrow.


1:50-2:25--Myth Wordle Viewing
1.      Jio is going to run the computer.
2.     You each have three minutes to present your wordle—woo-hoo!
3.     Fill out the viewing sheet as people present.
4.     Turn it in after the last presentation

2:30-3:20--Independent Work Time
Please start the following in class, and finish as needed for homework.  Stay strong!  We’ll spend a chunk of time tomorrow pair-sharing and discussing.
1.      Find and fill in vocab words #1-8 filled in on your pink packet.
2.     Read and annotate pages 14-34 (ten pages in class, and ten pages for homework).  It’s Victor Frankenstein’s turn to talk now! 
3.     Here are some things to keep your eyes and ears open for (annotations):

a.     Childhood and parenting
b.    Education and learning
c.     Science
d.    Destiny and fate
e.     The Ideal woman
f.      Appearance as an indicator of character
g.    Creation
h.    obsession

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