Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday, December 20th, 2013


1.   Staple and turn in your yellow Greek myth notes.
2.  128-word sentences
3.  Discuss Frankenstein

Reading Assignment
Ø For Break:  44-70 (remainder of Frankenstein’s point of view)

Ø Find and fill in vocab words #9-17 filled in on your pink packet.


After Our Fishbowl Concludes
1.      Think about what you most want to say about—FISHBOWL REFLECTION:
a.     Paragraph #1:  Your performance today—what you did well, what you’d like to do better during your next academic discussion.
b.    Paragraph #2:  Your contributions today—what you brought to the discussion
c.     Paragraph #3:  A specific aspect of the topics discussed—a question, a clarification, an a-ha moment, etc.
3.     Develop your ideas into a three-paragraph personal essay, introspective (looking inward) and honest in tone.
4.     Use details/examples to support your points.
5.     Other requirements
a.     Typed at the end of your CPR COMMENTS doc on google
b.    Dated and Titled “CPR Final Reflection”
c.     Doublespaced

6.     Deadline:  Complete on the google doc you and I share by 8PM Sunday, 12/22/2013.


Friday, December 20th, 2013
Happy Winter Break!  J

What We’re Doing Today
1.      Grab your folder.
2.     Open your google drive.
3.     Do you have a folder you’ve created called “Creative Writing” in your google drive?  If not, do that now, and make sure EVERYTHING you’ve written since October is in there.
4.     Think of one special person you’d like to give a gift to this year.
5.     Go through all your writing, and pick the best one, and/or the one you feel would be most meaningful to the person you selected.
6.     Download it to Word.
7.     Proof it.
8.     Remove the MLA format.
9.         Type a dedication in italics underneath your title:  To my mother, Christmas, 2013
10.   Put it in a nice font.
11.    Find a nice border for it.
Print!  Note from Mrs. Hippen:  “Have them double check that they are on the Student Network before they print.”
12.   Pick it up in the library, then bring it to me in the teacher workroom. 
13.   Select the paper you want it on.
14.   I’ll copy it and laminate it for you.
15.   You cut it out, and BAM—you’re ready for Christmas!  J

We played Catchphrases the rest of the block.


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