Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Days Remaining in Term = 11
·      Focus for this week and Monday    =          WRITING
·      Focus for next week                          =          House on Mango Street (novella)

Homework Due
o   Revision on Final Draft   (due Monday)
o   Quizlet Vocab #4              (quiz Wednesday)

Vocab Warm-Up
Ø  Quizlet for ten to fifteen minutes
o   because I have homework for you tonight that does not involve Quizlet
o   and because I believe some of these words would work well in your essays—diction, like a boss!
o   1:57-2:12

New Writing Assignment
·      Five anchors for your paper   =   five different sources
1.      WHEN I’M FINISHED TALKING, open the google doc in our class folder for your research, and MAKE A COPY.  Feel free to delete my stuff, once you know what you need to do yourself.
2.    Peruse the following places carefully:
Ø  Poetry quote responses in journal
Ø  Words quote responses in journal
Ø  Poems in our book—let’s list them (pink pages)—start with the ones about poetry!
Ø  Perrine!
Ø  Any pieces that talk about words and language—let’s list them
3.     Start a google doc where you list quotes you might want to use.  (You obviously need MORE than five to start with; you’ll whittle down your list tomorrow.)
4.     At an agreed upon time this block--_____3:10_____--I will give you a partner to share your research with, and you will discuss your ideas thus far with that person.  
Ø  Did your partner help you clarify your thinking?
Ø  …give you an idea?
Ø  …support the direction in which you are heading?
5.    For tomorrow, CATEGORIZE your research, in column “E”.
6.     You need to have at least ten quotes sorted.


  • We went to Stewart today to work with our Writing Buddies on the Russian Tailor Poem!

Thursday, 10/9/2013
Days Remaining in Term = 11

Homework Due
Ø  Note-taking Policies
Ø  Everyone who had information to present did so—we heard lots of good information.

1.      Biographical Approach—background on Jonathan Swift:  Read pages 586-589 in the British Lit book.
2.     Historical Approach—Ireland in Swift’s Day:  Read page 611 in the British Lit book.

“A Modest Proposal”
By Jonathan Swift

Background About “A Modest Proposal”
By considering this information, we are taking a HISTORICAL APPROACH to the reading.
1.       written by Jonathan Swift
a)    life and death = 1667-1745
b)    published it in 1729 as a pamphlet (a kind of essay in an unbound booklet).
c)     well-known as the author of the satirical political fantasy, Gulliver's Travels.
2.      Conditions in Ireland
a)    not an independent country
b)    far poorer than England.
c)     Most people born there were Roman Catholics and employed as agricultural laborers or tenant farmers.
d)    The landlords (landowners) were paid from the produce of the land, at rates workers could rarely afford.  
e)    This ruling class were usually Protestants.  Many of them were not born in Ireland, nor did they live there permanently.
f)     If the laborers lost their work, there would always be other poor people to take it up.
g)    There was no social security system and starvation was as common as in the Third World today.
h)    Swift knows, in writing the Proposal, that in living memory, Irish people had been driven to cannibalism.

1.               We read and discussed about a page of the essay.  We listened to the audio, and we annotated as we read.
2.              We reminded ourselves over and over, this is SATIRE!  :-)

Johnathon Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”



“Modest Proposal” HOMEWORK: 

·     Read the first five paragraphs on page three, and annotate thoughtfully!

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