Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Days Remaining in Term = 10
·      Focus for this week and Monday    =          WRITING
·      Focus for next week                          =          House on Mango Street (novella)

Homework Due
o   Revision on Final Draft of Good Reader Essay            (due Monday)
o   Poetry Definition Argument OUTLINE               (due Monday)
o   Quizlet Vocab #4                                                  (quiz Wednesday)

Vocab Warm-Up
Ø  Share your poetry definition doc with me now.  I’ll skim them while you Quizlet.
Ø  Quizlet for fifteen minutes.

Five anchors for your paper   =   five different sources
Peruse the following places carefully:
1.      Poetry quote responses in journal
2.     Words quote responses in journal
3.     Poems in our book—let’s list them (pink pages)—start with the ones about poetry!
4.     Perrine!
5.     Any pieces that talk about words and language

TALK TO PARTNER from 2:22-2:50-ish—academic, meaty conversation!  J
Questions When We’re Done: 
1.      Did your partner help you clarify your thinking?
2.     …give you an idea?
3.     …support the direction in which you are heading?

Now, the outline!  Woot!
1.      I’ll explain!
2.     Now open the doc called “Poetry Definition Outline”, and make a copy.
3.     Fill in the blanks!  (Okay, it’s not quite that simple, but still….)

Creative Writing
Friday, October 11th, 2013

When You Come In
1.     Get your blue page three/four off the heater.
2.    Get your folder off the circle table.
3.    “Kids Stuff” is on your desk!

Focus for Next Ten Days
1.      Showing, Not Just Telling
2.     Revision
3.     Writing Buddies—Thursday the 17th—please be here!
4.     Portfolio

You all did a superb job yesterday as teachers and writing buddies!  I am so proud of you guys.

Ø  Review and update ideas.
Ø  DONE!  Where can you find all information about the portfolio?
Ø  DONE!  Pass back papers—most of you can now check of Revised Russian Tailor on your folder log-in sheet now.
Ø  DONE!  Put a “P” with a circle around it next to FIVE pieces listed on your green sheet you’re thinking of putting into your Portfolio.
Ø  DONE!  Tell a partner the five pieces you’re including, and WHY you’re including them:
o   Meaningful topic
o   Favorite piece
o   Other people will enjoy it
o   Best piece I’ve written
o   Because Willis made me  J
o   Has to do with ME, and that’s one thing the portfolio is supposed to do

Writing Lesson #9:  Making Strong Titles
1.     Draw __5__ numbers from the bucket on the stool.
2.     Make two specific, academic comments about what is making that title stronger. 
3.     Use page 14, as well as everything you’ve learned so far this term.
4.         Started @ 12:42; ending at 12:52 at the lastest!

When you finish your five comments:
1.      Please recycle your little numbers in the blue recycle bin.
2.     Read the comments your four people gave you.
3.     Re-title your actual pieces on google drive (if you didn’t do this already).

Now:  Peer Conference:  Sense Poem
1.     Spend a few minutes reading and reviewing your poem.  Make any changes you need to, and make sure it is grammatically correct.
2.     See me when you have done this (…and we’re talking three or four minutes here, so get going!)
3.     I’ll assign you a partner, and you share your doc with the person I give you.
4.     Make five comments on your partner’s draft over the following:
a.     Imagery (all five senses)
b.    Diction (powerful, passionate word choice)
c.     Title
d.    Deleting any words that can be cut
e.    Last line


When You Come In
1.      Open your packet to page three, and put your name at the top.
2.     Turn it in at my candle.
3.     Pick up the new blue packet.

Satire:  Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal
Ø  In the new packet, we read from line 75 to line 190.  We annotated and discussed as we went.

Ø  Read and annotate from line 190 to the end of the piece (line 238).
Ø  AFTER you read, check your understanding by reading the analysis at the following website:

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