Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Days Remaining in Term = 9
·      Focus for this week and Monday    =          WRITING
·      Focus for next week                          =          House on Mango Street (novella)

·      Who has College-Prep Writing this term?
·      Jio
·      Next Term?
·      Kristine
·      CY
·      MK
·      BA
·      LK

·      Please share your Poetry Definition Outline with me now—thanks!

Homework Due:  Final Draft of Good Reader Essay 
1.      On Top:  Rubric, completed thoughtfully with circles and justifications
2.     Middle:  Final printed copy of essay
3.     Bottom:  Peer Conference rubric, filled out by your partner
4.     Letter to Me, shared on google—
a.     What I’m proudest of in this final draft (possibilities?)—related to writing, thinking, time management
                                      i.     Transitions
                                    ii.     Got rid of implied “you” and “I”
                                   iii.     Stronger, more creative quote frames
                                   iv.     Singular/plural agreement
                                    v.     Found perfect THEY SAY to go with my I SAY
                                   vi.     Restated in a more sophisticated way things that originally sounded non-academic
                                 vii.     I actually took the time to think about what I was typing.
b.    What I learned about writing during this process (skill or skills)
                                      i.     Learned how to restructure for “you” and “I”
                                    ii.     Avoiding “it” and “stuff” as ambiguous terms
                                   iii.     I need to use more vocab variety, and I know HOW to do this.
                                   iv.     …using THEY SAY/I SAY quote frames.
c.     What I learned about myself as a writer during this process
                                      i.     “I don’t like to write, but I love to have written.”
                                    ii.     I compare a lot of things to myself.
                                   iii.     I need to work on transitions.

We spent all block on the above, then on quizlet, as time allowed.

I read and conferenced three outlines, then gave reminders about outlines and essays:
1.      Make sure you have a THREAD that flows through your essay.
2.     Avoid making broad claims that you cannot prove.
3.     Your topic sentence should be fully supported by your evidence for that paragraph, and vice versa—put an “=” between your topic sentence and your evidence, and make sure they balance!

Homework for Tonight
·      Continue working on your Poetry Definition outline, and make it stronger.  We will start drafting tomorrow!

·      Quizlet (Vocab Quiz on WEDNESDAY)

Monday, October 14th, 2013
Days Remaining in Term = 9

Big Skill for Today = REREADING

When You Come In
You have three minutes to do the following:
1.      Open your packet to the page where 190 starts.
2.     Put your name at the top of the page.
3.     Put a big star by line 190.
4.     At the end of the piece, line 238, write three sentences about what you learned when you checked your understanding by reading the shmoop analysis.  From your response, I should be able to tell you read the shmoop summary.
5.      Leave your packet open to line 190, and hand it to Mr. Collins.  He will skim your annotations, then read your sentences, then return your packet to you.
6.    What do you do while he does this?  I’m glad you ask!

Vocab Practice = 15 minutes (8:15-8:30)
2.     The quiz is WEDNESDAY.

Englightenment Wrap-Up:  “A Modest Proposal” Work (This should take you the entire block.)
1.      Get with the same partner you were with for archetypes:
NOTE:  I want you working with ONE PARTNER, with the exception of the trio we have to have because we have fifteen people in class.  If someone is absent, and you have to re-form your partnership, you may only have TWO PEOPLE in a group.  To re-iterate, I do not want trios on this unless necessary because all fifteen people are here.
a.     Owen and Michelle
b.    Adam and Jacob
c.     Logan and Jacy
d.    Ryan and Nichole
e.     Marisa and Mason
f.      Carly and Holly
g.     Jacy, Jannel, and Tori
2.     Work your way through the packet. 
3.     Read each page carefully; you and your partner are responsible for completing all tasks tasks correctly and thoroughly.
4.     If you need extra room for answers—and I think you will on some pages--create a google doc entitled, “Modest Proposal—Your Last Names”, and share with each other and with me.
5.     Turn in your packet to Mr. Collins when completed.

Vocab Practice
4.     The quiz is WEDNESDAY.

Creative Writing

When You Come In
1.      Grab your manila folder off the circle table.
2.     Select ONE piece you want to REVISE so it can go in your Final Portfolio.
3.     Write Mr. Collins a note at the top of it that says, “Dear Mr. Collins:  I’d like you to comment on these three things on this piece of writing.”
4.     Give it to Mr. Collins.  He will read and comment on as many as he can in the time he has.

Writing Experiment #11
1.      Select one of the following FICTION prompts, and follow the directions.
2.     500-word minimum (not maximum); put your word count next to your name, please
3.     Paragraph for understanding.
4.     Make an honest attempt at clean editing.
5.     PRINT this by no later than 12:05 TODAY (BEFORE YOU GO TO LUNCH).

Choices Here:

After Lunch

Peer Conference:  Sense Poem
1.     I’ll assign you a partner, and you share your doc with the person I give you.
2.     Make five comments on your partner’s draft over the following:
a.     Imagery (all five senses)
b.    Diction (powerful, passionate word choice)
c.     Title
d.    Deleting any words that can be cut
e.    Last line

Revision:   Sense Poem
Make at least ten revisions (not just edits) using the following questions:
1.      What words could you add (connotation vs. denotation; favorite words; words with sounds)
2.     Can you add a metaphor or simile to show comparisons?
-     Where can I add personification?
3.     What words can you cut?  (the smell of?)
4.     How can you build a little on each line you have?
5.     How specific and crisp can you be with your description?
6.     Is your title a knockout?
7.     Does your last line add a dimension to the piece?

Finish Up
Ø  Share this with me on google.

Revision Assignment
·      People came back to my desk a few at a time, and I gave them the pink handout, then went over how to do the revisions over the next week.


·      Portfolio construction!

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