Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (ED)

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Amber and Connor, see me now, please.

Days Remaining in Term = 12
·      Focus for this week and Monday    =          WRITING
·      Focus for next week                          =          House on Mango Street (novella)

Homework Due
o   Second Draft of Good Reader Essay

Peer Conference
1.      Share your doc with the partner I’ve assigned you.
2.     Take a couple of minutes to talk to your partner about what you are most concerned with in this draft. 
3.     Using the rubric, go through your partner’s paper sentence by sentence, word by word.
4.     Comment thoroughly and thoughtfully on all items on the rubric.
5.     Comment on strengths and weaknesses.
6.    Finally, fill out the rubric by circling numbers that show the writer where he/she is right now, target-wise.
7.     Return the rubric to your partner.  (Do NOT turn it in to me.  I will look at it when it comes in with the final draft.)

When You Finish/Classwork and/or Homework
1.      Start creating your final draft; final draft is due ______________
a.     THEY SAY/I SAY annotations and templates
b.    Your partner’s comments on google docs
c.     My comments on your google docs
d.    Writing rubric, filled out by your partner—that’s your target
e.     Your own immense brain
2.     Quizlet (Vocab Quiz Wednesday, 10/16/13)

Tuesday, 10/8/2013
Days Remaining in Term = 12

Homework Due
Ø  Milton Response, shared with me by 8:10

Class ends at 9:15 today.

Ø  Study Quizlet for Vocab #4—oh, joy!  J

·      By tomorrow, you need responses from THREE current college students about what their professors’ policies are on note-taking in class (whether or not devices are allowed).

Satire and Parody—Definitions and Examples

Satire and Parody Prezi

“The Poor” in America (Colbert Report)


Actual Brad Pitt Commercial here:

Parody of the Brad Pitt Commercial here:

Music video for “Ridin” here:

Music parody video “White and Nerdy” here:

Music video for “Gansta’s Paradise”

Music parody video “Amish Paradise” here:

·      We worked on Quizlet the last ten minutes of the block.

·      Quizlet
·      Report back from three college sources about note-taking requirements.

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