Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Happy Friday!
Ø May 24th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please open up your writing buddy’s poem you typed for him/her.

1)  Writing Buddies
1.      Review your buddy’s poem, and make corrections as needed.
2.     Use the MLA format for heading.  The teacher’s name is “Mrs. Bombei”.
3.     Now make the font of the poem fun and big, then save and print.

2) Portfolio Reminders
Ø  Pink sheet with all ten items on it—get it out.
Ø  Bright yellow self-evaluation—directions are at the top!
Ø  Light yellow Portfolio Packet—make sure you have it with you when you leave today.  It has all the info about the reflection.

1.      Let me remind you how to save in two places.
2.     Save each revision into the correct folder.  I will not actually read and grade them until sometime later this weekend, but I want you to put them in there now, so they’re in the right place.
3.     “ Make a Copy” of revisions, so you can print final portfolio copies with no MLA formats, and whatever spacing and font you desire.

3)  If You Had and EB Person (or Tori or Owen) Read Your Work Yesterday
Ø  Read your comments from your reader.  E-mail him/her and me a nice thank-you e-mail (two sentences, thanking him/her for time and for a particularly helpful comment).

4)  If You Didn’t Have at Least One Peer Conference Yesterday
Ø  You need to do one today!

5)  Revision Work on Items #1-#6
1.      Get out your pink sheet that explains how I’m grading revisions.
2.     Read over it carefully, and then go to work today on whatever you need to do to complete this assignment to the best of your ability.

Tuesday in Class
4.     Portfolio sharing and commenting—yay!
5.     Earthbook choices

1.   Portfolio
2.  Typed Portfolio Reflection
3.  Yellow Self-Evaluation

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