Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Thursday!
Ø May 23rd, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please pick up a Portfolio Group Chat Script.
3.     Two Brave Souls:  If you believe you have an “A” revision, share it with me now, and it will be one of my guinea pigs when we get to revisions today.

Ø  Be thinking about what you’re going to say in your group chat today, which we will do after we take a quick field trip to the teacher’s workroom for paper.
Portfolio Group Chat
Directions:   (Started 10:03-10:13, max)
1.     Each person says these five lines to the group, then explains them in as much detail as necessary.
2.     Group members comment with helpful suggestions, approvals, or questions.

1.     What I’m doing for my portfolio is ____________________________________________________.
2.     My title is “______________________________________________________________________________.”
3.     My table of contents title is “_____”, and this is how it goes along with my project title.  I’m going to organize pieces by __________________________________________________.
4.     One thing that’s turned out great so far is ____________________________________________.
5.     One problem I’m facing right now is __________________________________________________.
Ø  Get out your pink sheet--do you have at least ten picks for your portfolio?
Ø  I’m handing out a copy of the self-evaluation YOU fill out for your portfolio.  The directions are at the top.  You staple this on top of your typed reflection, then hand it in Tuesday.
Ø  Look at Jacob’s Table of Contents for an “A” example.

Here’s a sheet for how I’m grading revisions.  Let’s review it quickety-quick, before we get to your work time. 

Quiet Work Time to Do All This
1.      Read your comments from your reader.  E-mail him/her and me a nice thank-you e-mail (two sentences, thanking him/her for time and for a particularly helpful comment).
2.     Grab your folder off the heater (or out of your bag, if you took it home this weekend).
3.     Review all six revisions (Friday = #1 and 2; Monday = #3 and 4; Tuesday = #5 and 6)—make sure you have labeled them correctly, inserting “Revision 1”, etc, in front of the title. 

Revision Work on Items #1-#6
Ø  Review my comments and/or your peer comments carefully, and think about how they could help you strengthen your piece, then do all the following:
1.      Strengthen the title.
2.     Add detail to show, instead of just tell. 
                                               i.     Use the five senses.
                                             ii.     Use simile or metaphor.
                                            iii.     Use personification
3.     Cut unnecessary words and phrases.
4.     Switch items around as needed to create a smooth flow.
5.     Take out weak, non-descriptive words, and replace them with strong, precise words.  Use your Vocabulary Variety sheet.
6.     Include dialogue, if you feel that will strengthen the piece. (prose)
7.     Paragraph the piece so it’s reader-friendly (prose).
Ø  Click on “File”, then “See Revision History”—does it look like you did substantial revision (AT LEAST fifteen changes)?

Last Five Minutes
Ø  If you have a piece you want read and peer conferenced for helpful comments, type the information on the computer at the podium, THEN share it with your assigned person.

Tomorrow in Class
1.      Peer Conferencing
2.     Finalize revisions.
3.     “ Make a Copy” of revisions, so you can print final portfolio copies with no MLA formats, and whatever spacing and font you desire.

HOMEWORK:  Portfolio
Ø  Do everything you can to create your portfolio, short of laying in the final drafts of the ten (or more) pieces.

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