Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Staple your yellow self-evaluation (filled out with circled numbers and well-argued reasonings) on top of you typed reflection.
2.     Hang on to these until the end of the block, please. 
3.     Grab a Portfolio Comment sheet (pink), and put your name and portfolio title at the top.
4.     Find a nice, safe spot for your portfolio—either at a desk or table--and set it up.  Lay your pink Portfolio Comment sheet next to it.
5.     4th Block:  Don’t forget to look at and comment on Keaton’s!

Here are the three things we’re doing today:
1.      View portfolios, and say two nice things about each.
2.     Save four Earthbook submissions in the folder.
3.     Make sure you have six revisions saved in the appropriate folders.

When I Call Your Name, Bring your COMPUTER with you, and come next door.  (Earthbook Subs Explanation)

Portfolio Packet Turn-In
Staple your papers in  this order, then bring them to me in the library,with your project, IF it’s portable!
1.     (on top)                   Self-Eval
2.    (middle)       Typed Reflection
3.    (bottom)     Comment Sheet

Ø Wednesday—Tomorrow—Lincoln/Stewart Field Trip
Ø Thursday—Class Poem with Pisarik’s class and Nick Kleese
Ø Friday—Party

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