Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday, April 2nd

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Ø  Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
Ø  Welcome back!  I hope you had a wonderful break!

Before the Tardy Bell Rings
Ø  For homework, you were to complete Writing Experiment #3, print it (doublespaced and two-sided, with word count by your name in parentheses), and turn it in to me when the tardy bell rings today.
Ø  They were not supposed to be shared with me--but thanks anyway!  J
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Free-Write #2 (Started
1.      Write for a full ten minutes without stopping.
2.     I’m the only one who will read it.
3.     The topic, genre, and style are yours.
4.     I’ll post topics here, for those of you who don’t have an idea.

Writing Experiment #4--Earliest Memory
1.    Get out a sheet of notebook paper and something to write with.
2.    Write “WE#4—Earliest Memory” at the top.
3.    Model:  I’m going to tell you my Earliest Memory.  As I share it with you, pay attention to the details I am using.  Write down any details that have to do with the five senses.
a.    Sight
b.    Smell
c.    Taste
d.    Touch
e.    sound

            My brother and I are in the black tub.  He sits at the back of the tub, splashing, and I sit at the front of the tub, running my hands under the water flowing from the silver faucet.   I reach up, and I turn one of the silver knobs all the way to the right.  I clamber out of the tub, and stand dripping on the black furry bathmat.  Steam begins to rise off the water, floating up towards the white ceiling.  The black and white wall tiles start to sweat.
            I turn to look at my brother.  The water is up to his belly, and he holds his arms up and out in front of him, out of the water.  His arms are like skinny white pencils, thin as they are.  Then I see pink; his skin is pink on his chest, and his skin is pink on his neck, and his whole face is turning pink.  He opens his mouth, and he hollers.
            Mom rushes into the bathroom, scoops him out of the tub and wraps him in a black towel. Bathtime is over.

Prepping to Write the Earliest Memory Paragraph
1.    Now you brainstorm some of your earliest memories.  Just make a list.
2.    OR, if you’ve already committed to the early memory you want to write about, list as many details as you can about it.
a.    Sights
b.    Sounds
c.    Textures
d.    Smells
e.    tastes
3.    You pair-share with a partner—chat about your ideas, ask each other questions, talk it out…. (2 minutes)

Typing Your First Draft, and Revising to Second
1.    Now, create a new google doc, and type a paragraph or two about your earliest memory (ten-ish minutes) Started: 
2.    Please doublespace, since this is prose (not a poem).
4.    When you finish your paragraph, type these questions at the bottom of your piece.
a.    What colors can I add?
                                      i.     EXAMPLE OF HOW YOUR ANSWER SHOULD LOOK:  I could add the color lavender when I talk about my mom’s shirt.
b.    What textures did I feel?
c.    What sounds did I hear?
d.    What’s my overall feeling about this memory?
e.    Did I learn something from it?
f.      Do I like remembering it?
5.    Ask yourself these questions, then type your answers under each question.
6.    After you type your six answers, go back to your paragraph(s), and add any details you need to, based on your answers (2nd draft).    (ten-ish minutes)

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