Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Creative Writing—Last Day!
1)    Get your portfolio.  If it’s small, put it on your desk.  If it needs to be displayed, do it!  J  
2)   Get a self-evaluation (YELLOW), and keep it at your desk (or wherever your project is).  You’re going to assess your project right now.  (fifteen minutes)
Ø You are a lawyer arguing for your grade.
3)   Get a portfolio viewing sheet (ORANGE), and write your name and the title of your portfolio at the top of the sheet. 
4)   The sheet and the portfolio STAY; YOU move around, and look at every person’s portfolio.
5)   Spend AT LEAST three minutes with each project.  Write TWO POSITIVE comments by your name. 
Ø This is your last chance to be a class, so be kind, and be respectful, and spend time with each project.
6)   Make sure you get around to viewing everyone’s project, and make two positive comments (specific, not generic) on each person’s sheet, please.

Note:  I will be calling you out of class for about five minutes, so I can get your Earthbook subs.  You will need to bring your computer at that time, please.

I’ll call you back, and you will bring me all the following:
1.     Portfolio
2.       Completed Self-Evaluation (Top)--YELLOW
3.       Reflection (Middle)—typed on your own paper
4.      Portfolio Viewing Sheet (Bottom)--ORANGE

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