Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Checklist—Our Second-to-Last Day of Creative Writing!  J

PORTFOLIO (Red Packet)
1.      _______Review the grading criteria for the portfolio (red pages).  I’ll have a sheet for you to fill out for this tomorrow, in class—your self-evaluation.
2.     _______Print anything you need for your portfolio, after you remove the MLA heading.
3.     _______Get colored paper, if you need it, for your portfolio.
4.     _______Review the directions for completing the reflection (red pages).  You need to type the reflection (one page, single-spaced) tonight--or right now, if you’re finished with your portfolio.

5.     _______Meet with me if you haven’t, so I can review your Earliest Memory Poem revisions and your Musical Memory Revisions.
a.          2nd: Stephany               Grace R.                  Ian S.
b.         3rd:  Elaney                      Chris       Tanner                    Alejandra              Kristine                                     Shaun    Tara        Alexandra            
c.          4th:  Nichole                                     Kolbi                        Kaytlyn                   Kat          
6.     _______Get your graded Around the Block Poem back , and put it in your manila folder (2nd and 3rd blocks only).

7.     _______Staple it in this order, then lay it on my circle table:
1.      Completed Rubric (On Top)
2.     Final Draft
3.     Second Peer Conference Sheet (white, from Friday)
4.     Second Draft (ON TOP)
5.     First draft, with highlights
6.     Visualizing Peer Conference sheet
7.     Pink Prep Sheet, page 62

GOOGLE DRIVE/REVISIONS (w/me last twenty minutes)
8.     _______Make sure you know how to save in MULTIPLE folders. 
9.     _______Save your SUPER-BEST four revisions (two prose, two poems) in the folders I assign you on google drive.

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