Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing!                             Friday, March 8th, 2013

When You Come In

Eight Days Remaining (including last day for portfolio viewing)

Ø Portfolios are due TUESDAY, MARCH 19th

Writing Assignment:  Fifty-Word Stories (forty-five minutes, or more; finish in class)
1.    Get the two handouts for this assignment (blue).
2.    Most of you have already completed Part I, so here’s what you do now:
3.    Go to the class folder in google, and click on “Fifty-Word Stories I Like”.
4.    Re-read the three you nominated, and the reasons you liked them.
5.    Now read the four models on your blue sheet, to see how last year’s Creative Writers approached this assignment.
6.    Read the directions for Part II, and create three fifty-word stories.
7.    BEFORE you print them out, fill out the worksheet/checklist for this assignment.  That way, if you’re missing an item, you can add it to your story BEFORE your print it.
8.    Follow the turn-in procedure at the bottom of the worksheet/checklist.

Revision                                                   (thirty minutes)
1.    Select ONE of the prose (non-poem) pieces you know you want to make major revisions to, then include in your portfolio.
2.    Open it up in google (or type it, if it is currently handwritten), and start making changes to make the piece stronger.
a.     Strengthen the title.
b.    Add detail to show, instead of just tell.
c.     Cut unnecessary words and phrases.
d.    Switch items around as needed to create a smooth flow.
e.     Take out weak, non-descriptive words, and replace them with strong, precise words.  Use your Vocabulary Variety sheet.
f.      Include dialogue, if you feel that will strengthen the piece.
g.     Paragraph the piece so it’s reader-friendly.
3.    Save this piece in both your drive AND your “PORTFOLIO” folder.

1.    9,000 total gains in free rice IN OUR CLASS GROUP
2.    Start gathering your materials, and start constructing your portfolio, and make good progress. 

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