Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing!                             Thursday, March 7th, 2013

When You Come In
1.    Please sign in.
2.    Turn in your Around the Block Revision (on my table), if you did not do so yesterday.
3.    Please get your folder off the heater.
4.    Please get out a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil—a half-sheet will do.
5.    KW:  Put in homework grade for 7,000 grains of free rice.

Nine Days Remaining (including last day for portfolio viewing)

Ø Portfolios are due TUESDAY, MARCH 19th

Paper Pass-Back and Folder Organization
1.    If you have the item, check it off your blue sheet in your folder.
2.    If it’s not listed on your blue sheet, let me know.
a.     Free Write #6
b.    Free Write #7
c.     WE#13 (up here in the envelope)
d.    Earliest Memory Poem (Revised)
e.     Sense Poem (Revised)
f.      Prompt Word Poem (Revised)
g.     Around the Block (Revised)
h.    Snapshot Poem
3.    If you’re missing the assignment, write it down on your notebook paper, so you know you didn’t do that piece, and that you don’t have it as a choice for your portfolio.

What I’m Handing Back (4th)
1.    Russian Tailor Poem
2.    Russian Tailor Trade and Grade
3.    Free Write #6
4.    Free Write #7
5.    Childhood Fear Poem (Revised)
6.    Writing Experiment #6 (in packet)
7.    Writing Experiment #7 (in packet)
8.    Miscellaneous

Portfolio Thinking
1.    Which pieces do I think are strong enough to go in my portfolio as is?
2.    Which pieces could go in, if I revised them next week?
3.    What pieces do we still have left to write/revise?

Ø  Get your Sense Poem Rough Draft and your Sense Poem Rubric off the heater, and have a seat.

2:20--Revision Workshop Time
Ø Sense Poem (page 66)
1.    Read the directions, and discuss the models.
2.    Get a copy of the rubric, and review it with me.  What are you attempting to perfect in the final draft?
3.    Review my comments on your first draft.
4.    Create a revised, final draft of the Sense Poem.
5.    Print a final copy.
6.    Thoughtfully complete the rubric.

Sense Poem Revision Turn-In Order (to the folder on my desk)
·       Top:  Rubric
·       Middle:  Final Draft
·       Bottom:  Rough Draft
o   Nowhere but the usual places for online work
o   No talking—silent work period

When You Finish Revising and Have Things Correctly Turned In
Ø  Freerice IN OUR CLASS GROUP—9,000 grains are due by classtime Monday

3:10--Writing Assignment:  Fifty-Word Stories
1.    Get the two handouts for this assignment, which we will do in class tomorrow, Friday.
2.    Modify directions—most of you have already completed step one

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