Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, 2/12/2013

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Happy Tuesday!  February 12, 2013

Homework Due
1.      Please write “WE #10” next to “Creative Writing” on your MLA format.
2.     Please put your homework face-down on the podium. 

Ø  I want to talk to you about registration for next year (English classes).

Writing Lesson #7-Paragraphing
1.      Beginning a New Paragraph—page 40.  Let’s read it aloud together.
2.     Now practice what you just learned:  put paragraphs into the excerpt from John Green on page 40.  Use the paragraph symbol to show where there should be a paragraph.
3.     If you finish before I call time, please read the directions for the Musical Memory Journal on page 41.  Thanks!
4.     Compare your answers with a partner, making changes if needed.
5.     When you and your partner finish your discussion, come get the author’s version of this excerpt.  Look at the author's version of paragraph breaks.
a.     How are yours similar?  Why?
b.    How are yours different?  Why?
6.     Please hand the white copy of Green’s version back to me now.
7.     Keep page 40 in your book for now.  You will turn it in for a grade on Monday.  Thanks!

Writing Assignment: Musical Memory (p. 41)
1.      Read the requirements at the top of the page.
2.     Read at least two of the models in google drive:
a.     Horak
b.    Kimball
c.     Lebsack
d.    Lumberg
e.     Recendez
3.     Think about your song and your memory.
4.     Start typing!
5.     You have thirty minutes to type, the print.
6.     Where you can be (legally):
a.     Google drive
b.    Dictionary/snynonym finder
c.     Blog
d.    Grooveshark or pandora

Collaborative Writing Assignment:  Partner Dialogue Story
1.      Make sure you appear in my google drive class folder (on screen).
2.     Review page 37 for the grading criteria.
3.     Refer to pages 32-6 for guidance with editing correctly.
4.     Open your story on google doc, and continue and complete your story by end-of-class.

Ø None (unless you need to do more work on your Musical Memory; if so, make sure you bring me a printed copy tomorrow at the beginning of class.)

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