Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Ø  Writing Lesson #1:  Avoid clichés!
Ø  Writing Lesson #2:  Using Precise Words
Ø  Writing Lesson #3:  Vocabulary Variety
Ø  Writing Lesson #4:  Connotation versus Denotation
Ø  Writing Lesson #5:  Advice for Revising and Editing Poetry
Ø  Writing Lesson #6:  Writing and Editing Dialogue
Ø  Writing Lesson #7:  Paragraphing
Ø  Writing Lesson #8:  Making Strong Titles

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Happy Wednesday, February 13th, 2013!

Peer Conferencing:  Musical Memory, First Draft (Twenty minutes) 11:30-11:50
1.      Make sure you have your registration stuff!
2.     Get a green handout called “Musical Memory Reading” off the front circle table.
3.     Grab your Musical Memory off the heater.
4.     Trade musical memories and green sheets with the person I’ve assigned you.
5.     Follow the directions for the peer conference.
6.     Fill out the green sheet thoroughly.

12:40-12:55?  Writing Lesson #8:  Making Strong Titles
1.        Read “Tips on Titles” on page 51.
2.       Grab an Earthbook, and use it to complete page 52, “Making Titles that are Better than this One.”
3.       Apply this lesson
a.     Go to our class folder in google drive entitled “Stronger Titles”.
b.    Please hand in your pink sheet (page 52) at my circle table, so I can see who’s finished.  Thanks!
c.     Re-title FIVE of your current piece titles, making each one significantly stronger. 
d.    Make sure you re-title your google doc, too!

When You Finish Everything in Green Above
1.        Please open your Partner Dialogue Story, and add a few more sentences to that potential masterpiece!  J
2.       If you finish your story (400 words or so), then go through your Creative Writing folder on google drive, and STAR the pieces you’re considering for your Portfolio.

Ø  Finish your Partner Dialogue Story!  We will share them with each other tomorrow!  J

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