Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome to Creative Writing! 
Happy Monday!  February 11, 2013

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please get the new unit packet (pink).  Pull the staples, and throw them away.
3.     Sign your name on the white board if you want to read your Class Poem aloud.

Plan for This Week
1.      Showing, Not Just Telling
2.     No Turn-in Packet this week; next turn-in packet Monday, February 18th
3.     Write new material, mostly non-poems.
4.     Thursday = Valentine Writing
5.     Friday
a.     Organize all portfolio possibilities.
b.     Share four of your choices in small sharing groups.
c.     Create “Creative Writing” folder and “Portfolio” folder, if you have not already done so.

Plan for Next Week
1.      Revise Poems to Final Drafts, All with Rubrics
a.     Around the Block
b.     Earliest Memory
c.     Russian Tailor           
2.     Continue Showing Not Telling Unit
3.     Prompt Word Poem

Free Write #5        (10 minutes)
1.      Write for ten to fifteen minutes in any format, over any topic.
2.     Use page 11, if you need help getting ideas.
3.     If you run out of steam on one idea, draw a line, and start a new one.
4.     Keep writing constantly—do not sit and think (or space off, but tell yourself you’re thinking).  J
5.     Start @

Writing Lesson #6—Writing Dialogue! (Twenty Minutes)
1.      Yes, This Means We’re Going to Write Some Stories!
2.     Let’s read the story on page 32 aloud, to see how to use and edit dialogue.  What do you notice?
3.     With a partner, read the questions about dialogue on page 33—“Dialogue Worksheet”.
4.     Read pages 34-5 to find the answers, and record them on page 33.
5.     Let’s check page 33 in class.
6.     Let’s use the words you used in #10 to talk about “Words to Use Instead of ‘Said’”—page 36.
7.     “Stop it,” Willis said.
a.     Jeered
b.     Laughed
c.     Pleaded

Collaborative Writing—Partner Dialogue Story (Thirty minutes)
1.      Take a look at the model:  “A Tale of Two Cougars” on page 37.
2.     You’re going to write your own story with a partner.  Go!
3.     Open a google doc, which you’ll share with your partner and me.
4.     Use the MLA format for heading.
5.     BOTH PARTNERS type on the story.
6.     Apply what you learned from the writing lessons about PARAGRAPHING and about WRITING AND EDITING DIALOGUE.  Please and thank you!

Places You Can Be on Computer
1.      Google drive
2.     My blog
3.     Online dictionary/synonym-finder
Ø  No music today—you have someone you’re collaborating with.

Ø  Type yourself a note about WHERE you’re going with your PARTNER DIALOGUE STORY tomorrow.  You don’t want to forget your idea, and I want you to be able to jump right in tomorrow.

1.      Select ONE of the following prompts, and type for 450 words, minimum.  More is okay!
2.     Print it before you come to class tomorrow, please.

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