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Wednesday, 12/5/12

Wednesday, 12/6/2012—Day Twenty-Five

Thing #1:  Portfolio Preparation (Handout:  Portfolio Discussion Sheet—one per group)  (25 minutes)
Groups for 1st Block
Group 1
  • Carter
  • Stephanie
  • Maddie
  • Jacy Z.
Group 2
  • Shayna
  • Felipe
  • Jennifer
  • Jacob
Group 3
  • Matt
  • Danielle
  • Adam
  • Miranda
Group 4
  • Jacy C.
  • Erin
  • Emerie
  • Addie
Group 5
  • Logan
  • Kendal
  • Kaitlyn
  • Melissa (?)
Group 6
  • Morgan
  • Lupita
  • Sergio

Groups for 2nd  Block
Group 1
  • Mariah
  • Jacob
  • Shannen
  • Lynette
Group 2
  • CJ
  • Sarah
  • Brady
  • Brandon
Group 3
  • Derek
  • Craig
  • Luke
Group 4
  • Jordan
  • Celina
  • Kaitlin
Group 5
  • Walker
  • Avery
  • Jessica
  • Ransom
Group 6
  • Kristen
  • Valeria
  • Joey

1.      One person in your group needs to fill out the group discussion sheet, which you’ll find here, BUT YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE A COPY OF IT before you start typing on it:
3.     Click on the link below to view powerpoint portfolios—this is just one more option for your final portfolio.  Only ONE person should have a computeryou’re your group to view these:  https://drive.google.com/a/washington.k12.ia.us/?tab=wo%23folders/0B4pq4r-bWrm_QzZzMDduY3l6RXc#folders/0B4pq4r-bWrm_QzZzMDduY3l6RXc
4.     This is the Portfolio Lesson for the week. The goal is to answer your questions and remove confusion, and push you towards thinking about the shape your project might take—BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.
5.  Share this with me. 

Thing #2:  Santa’s Helper Free-Write       (15 minutes)
On a sheet of notebook paper, answer all the following questions.  Detailed lists for each one, or a paragraph for each one—either is fine.  Please number your answers.
1.      When you were a kid and believed in Santa, what did you wonder about?
2.     When you were a kid, what were your favorite things about winter?  What did you like to do?
3.     When you were a kid, what were your favorite things to do with your family over the holidays?
4.     What are THREE traditions your family has established with you that you would like to continue with your own potential offspring someday?
Put your name at the top, and put this in the drawer.

Thing #3:  Fiction Dialogue—Inspiration from a Photo (40 minutes)
1.      Click on the following website, and browse as many photos as you’d like.  There are some gems here!  J  http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/
2.     If the filter comes up, enter my password:
a.     kwillis
b.    jiveturkey
3.     When you find an awkward photo that beckons you to write about it, do the following:
4.     Write a FICTION story, inspired by any or all of the photograph.
5.     Copy and past the link for the photo to the top of your story, so I can see which photo you’re writing about.
6.    Use at least six sentences of dialogue, correctly edited.
7.     Doublespace your story.
8.    Type at least one full page.
9.    Share it with me.

College-Prep Reading
12/5/2012--Day 24

When You Come In
·      Please sign in.

@ 11:20--Mid-Term Project #1:  Greek Myth Wordle
Today, you are completing the first step only of this project.
2.     Make a copy of it, or copy and paste into your own doc, so you can type in your answers.
3.     Once you get it completed, keep it in your google drive until tomorrow, when you’ll use it to create the Greek Myth Wordle.

When You Finish Your Worksheet--Mid-Term Project #2:  The Hero’s Journey Prezi
You are starting this project today.
1.      Purpose:  to show me that you understand Joseph Campbell’s outline for the Hero’s Journey, and that you can apply it correctly to your hero’s journey.
2.     Task:  Using the research you did on your assigned hero, as well as any additional research you deem necessary, create a Prezi that clearly and correctly shows how your hero follows the path of Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.
3.     Step 1:  Review the Prezi on The Hero’s Journey:  http://prezi.com/r-vytsu35m9b/the-heros-journey/
4.     Step 2:  Use the list of steps on this doc to create your own Prezi for YOUR hero’s journey:  https://docs.google.com/a/washington.k12.ia.us/document/d/1kbbGNWvtZ0jrw5TjtFBgkiOMIsDQJEJ0pwg_cRmdDIU/edit
5.     Requirements:  Include each of the eleven steps, clearly labeled, and include a correct example for each step from your hero’s journey.
6.    Deadline:  Copy and paste the link for your Prezi by 3:20 Friday on this document:  https://docs.google.com/a/washington.k12.ia.us/document/d/1mm3xoIsm3bQIXiOdRxp3f5q8XL9N4QahPRunL6PenyQ/edit

·      Finish creating your 64 vocab cards.

Friday Due Dates
1.      We will take the Vocabulary Quiz.
2.     You will hand in all your 64 cards after the in-class mid-term.
3.     We will view the Greek Myth Wordles (which you’re created in class Thursday).
4.     Your Hero’s Journey Prezi is due.

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