Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday, 12/6/2012

12/6/2012--Day 26

Thursday, 12/7/2012—Day Twenty-Six

Things to Check or Discuss
1.      Portfolio Questions
a.     Can the front cover be black and white?
b.    What does the reflection part mean?
c.     How much time do we spend?  Two days, or two weeks?
d.    What all do we have to write about for the reflection?
e.     For the 10 pieces required for the portfolio do they all have to be ones we made in class?
f.      Do we have to have a book?
g.     What is the reflection?
h.    How are you going to know about the time spent?
i.      Do we show evidence?
j.      How will you know how much time we spent on our portfolios?
k.     Do we have to name the table of contents anything?
l.      When is a good time to actually start making my portfolio?
2.     Portfolio Ideas  (Due Friday, January 11th—7 days after we come back from break; 18 days from today)
3. Print each of the following now, then turn them in.
***Non-fiction:  Memento Tattoos OR Things to Remember
***Fiction Prompt
***Fiction Dialogue--Awkward Family Photo
a.     Copy and past the link for the photo to the top of your story, so I can see which photo you’re writing about.
b.    Use at least six sentences of dialogue, correctly edited.
c.     Doublespace your story.
d.    Type at least one full page.
e.     Share it with me.

Santa’s Helper Letter—You are taking on the PERSONA of an elf!  J
(This project is top secret.  Tell no one.  Trust no one.
1.      Discuss the writing you did yesterday about the following:
a.     When you were a kid and believed in Santa, what did you wonder about?
b.    When you were a kid, what were your favorite things about winter?  What did you like to do?
c.     When you were a kid, what were your favorite things to do with your family over the holidays?
d.    What are THREE traditions your family has established with you that you would like to continue with your own potential offspring someday?
2.     Make a list of jobs needed at Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole.  (I have ideas to combine with the ones you come up with.)
3.     Think of possible elf names.
4.     Complete your Santa’s Helper Prep Sheet.
5.     Tomorrow, you will need to tell me FOR SURE what your elf job is, and what your elf name is.

When You Leave
·      On your free-write you started yesterday about being a Santa’s Helper, write your elf name at the top of your paper, as well as your elf job.
·      Hand it to me on your way out the door, please.

Homework Writing Assignments for Tonight (due Friday)
1.      Spend ten minutes making a Christmas list for yourself.  Money and limitations do not exist—open your mind, and think about what you’d really want.
2.     Spend another ten minutes making a Christmas list for the five most important people in your life.  Again, no limitations exist.
·      These lists should be a total of a full page, if you use two-columns.  It should be two pages, otherwise.

12/6/012—Day 25
College-Prep Reading

·      Vocab Pre-Quiz on your own notebook paper.

Greek Myth Mid-Term:  WORDLE
1.      You have already done the prep sheet for this.
2.     Let me show you how to construct yours.  Directions are here:  (class folder)
3.     We will present these in class tomorrow.

1.      Close your computers, and just WATCH CLAY!  He’s going to show you how to manipulate your wordle.
2.     Because we are running into some technical issues, I’m going to have you work on this outside of class, and this will be due MONDAY.  Directions are in the class folder under “Myth Wordle Directions”.
3.     NOTE:  You will have to ENABLE the JAVA Plug-In to create the wordle.
4.     When you finish your wordle, if you cannot get the uploading to work, just SAVE IT ON YOUR DESKTOP, and you can present it from your computer.

5.     Before you start working on your Prezi, UNSHARE YOUR MYTH NOTE REVIEW WITH ME—PLEASE!  J
6.     The directions for the rest of the blog will be on the blog momentarily.

Mid-Term Project #2:  The Hero’s Journey Prezi
1.      Purpose:  to show me that you understand Joseph Campbell’s outline for the Hero’s Journey, and that you can apply it correctly to your hero’s journey.
2.     Task:  Using the research you did on your assigned hero, as well as any additional research you deem necessary, create a Prezi that clearly and correctly shows how your hero follows the path of Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.
3.     Step 1:  Review the Prezi on The Hero’s Journey:
4.     Step 2:  Use the list of steps on this doc to create your own Prezi for YOUR hero’s journey:
5.     Requirements:  Include each of the eleven steps, clearly labeled, and include a correct example for each step from your hero’s journey.
6.    Deadline:  Copy and paste the link for your Prezi by 3:20 Friday on this document:

Mid-Term #3—In-class Friday
·      Using your cards, you will need to be able to fill out a chart similar to the one on page 20 (pink pages).

Friday Due Dates
1.      We will take the Vocabulary Quiz.
2.     You will hand in all your 64 cards after the in-class mid-term.
3.     We will view the Greek Myth Wordles (which you’re created in class Thursday).
4.     Your Hero’s Journey Prezi is due.

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