Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday, 12/4/2012

Creative Writing—12/4/2012—Day Twenty-Four

Good morning, chickadees.

1.      Today, I want you to try two different writing challenges.  One is fact, and one is fiction.  You will write one of each today.
2.     When you come to the filter screen to get to the links below, you need to enter my name and password:
a.     kwillis
b.    jiveturkey

Writing Assignment #1  (Forty Minutes, including think-time)
1.      Fact:  Choose from ONE of the following two prompts.
2.     Type for at least half an hour, and type at least a page and a half.
3.     Paragraph correctly.
4.     Share it with me (“Kerrie Willis”) on google drive.

Fact Choice #1:  Things You Want to Remember, Things You Want to Forget

Fact Choice #2:  Memento Tatoos

Writing Assignment #2 (Forty Minutes, including think-time)
1.      Fiction:  Read through the many writing prompts at the link below, until you find one that speaks to you.  (There are a lot of horror/scary story prompts, so those of you who wanted to write a scary story will be in good shape.  J )
2.     Type for at least half an hour, and type at least a page and a half.
3.     Paragraph correctly.
4.     Share it with me (“Kerrie Willis”) on google drive.

Fiction Writing Prompt Choices

***For Homework
·      Finish your Partner Dialogue Story.

Collaborative Writing—Partner Dialogue Story—You must finish this today.
1.      Read your note to yourself about where you’re going next with your story.
2.     Apply what you learned from the writing lessons about PARAGRAPHING and about WRITING AND EDITING DIALOGUE.  Please and thank you!
3.     Continue writing this story—with or without your partner—until you’ve met the requirements, and then some!
You will be graded on the following:
1.          You use lots of dialogue to create the scene.
2.         You correctly edit the dialogue; refer to pages 40-44 for help!
3.         Length—your final draft is roughly one and a half pages, doublespaced.
4.         Fictional—it’s made up; it’s at least fifty-percent lies.

College-Prep Reading
12/4/2012--Day 23

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please hand your Professor Foster annotations to Mr. Collins.
3.     Please get our your four Myth Notecards.

Greek Mythology Review
Card Trios
1.      This activity is designed for you to review all the figures of Greek Mythology. 
2.     You WILL be able to use these cards for the mid-term on Thursday and Friday, so focus on getting all the meaningful, correct information from your classmates.
3.     Markers are on the microwave.
4.     This activity can get messy quickly—if you don’t rotate carefully, you end up with the same person, and you have to sit through all the information again, even though you’ve already done your cards.  Avoid this by carefully planning the trios BEFORE you start today.  Put them on the white board:  Trio 1, Trio 2, etc.
5.     You must have your four cards completed right now to participate.
6.     I’ve described this process before in class, but here’s how it works:
a.     In your trio, you present your four cards to your two partners, while they quickly and furiously write your information down on their blank cards.  Then person #2 presents, then person #3.  By the end of the round, you each have TWELVE cards completed.
b.     Now, when you go to your next trio, you need to be with two people you haven’t been with before; however, if you haven’t planned this out in advance, this will get to be a mess by the end of the block. 
c.     You do enough trio sessions so that every person in class has 64 cards (4 figures/cards X 16 people in class) by 1:15 today.
d.     I will need to see 64 cards from each person by classtime tomorrow.

Here is what the cards should have on them:
Greek Myth Flashcards
1.      Make one for each of your four figures:
a.     Facebook
b.     Barbie
c.     Myth Beast
d.     Hero
2.     Front of Card—Big and Colorful!
a.     Name of Figure
b.     Symbol/Picture
3.     Back of Card
a.     Three VITAL facts
b.     Two relationships/connections to figures from our Greek Myth Notes

NOTE:  Make them ACCURATE, simple, and clear!  People are going to have to copy YOUR CARD, and we want to convey the information quickly and easily.

·       If you finish early, please pull out your vocabulary flashcards, spread out around the room, and quiz a partner over the words for tomorrow.

1.      Study for the vocabulary quiz, which we will take tomorrow, Wednesday.
2.     Have 64 completed flashcards ready to go!

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