Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, 12/3/2012

Creative Writing—12/3/2012—Day Twenty-Three

When You Come In
·      Note:  I’m going to push you along today, so we keep moving and get all the assignments completed today.  Please stay with us on time.
Writing Experiment #8 (Thirty Minutes)
You’re the average of the people….
·      Type “TIME STARTED” and the time when you start typing.
·      Type “TIME ENDED” and the time when you finish your response.
·      Answer the questions you’re being asked.
·      Write at least 1 ½ full pages, doublespaced.
·      Use paragraphing; follow the rules we talked about
·       in class Wednesday.

Reading Assignment:  Fifty-Word Stories                                 (Twenty Minutes)
1.      Go to the following link:
2.     Browse these stories, and enjoy!  Enjoy!  Don’t rush through—take the full twenty minutes to read.
3.     Find three that really speak to you, that spark something in you, that you like.
4.     In our class folder on google docs, open of the file called “Model for Fifty Word Stories You Like”.  That’s what I want your assignment to look like.
5.     Copy and paste your three favorites into a google doc, including author and title.
6.    Type one sentence after each one explaining why you like the story.
7.     Save it in the class google docs folder  “Three (3) Fifty-Word Stories I Like) as “your last name--Fifty Word Stories I Like”.
8.    IF YOU CAN’T DO STEP #7, I will help you at 10:55.
9.    DUE:  By classtime tomorrow (Tuesday)

·      Please pick up a Mid-Term Reflection sheet.
·      Please do a folder log-in with the papers you are getting back.
Last Twenty Minutes of Block--Mid-Term Preparation and Reflection (You will receive a daily grade for your answers, so show care, thought, and effort in your responses.)
1.      Yellow handout
2.     Grade printout
3.     One piece you want your parents to read at conferences
4.     Staple your mid-term packet as follows:  (The stapler is back here at my desk.)
a.     Yellow reflection (on top)
b.     Grade printout—white (in middle)
c.     The piece my parents can read (on bottom)
5.     Come on back to my desk, and hand it in to me.  Thanks!
6.     Leave your manila folder on my desk as well.


College-Prep Reading
12/3/2012--Day 22

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Take out a sheet of notebook paper, title it, “Greek Vocab Practice-Quiz”.

·      Practice Quiz

Greek Mythology—The Beginning of the End of the Beginning
·      Hero Presentations!

·      Homework explanation

1.      Study for the vocabulary quiz on Wednesday.
2.     Make sure your FOUR Myth Notecards are perfect.  Re-do the ones you did originally, if needed. 
3.  Read and annotate Professor Foster's chapter, "Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before."  Wikipedia any allusions you don't know, and look up any vocab words you don't know.  These notes should be in your annotations.  (Remember our discussion from last Wednesday--check the blog for a refresher on how and why to annotate.)

Greek Myth Flashcards
1.      Make one for each of your four figures:
a.     Facebook
b.    Barbie
c.     Myth Beast
d.    Hero
2.     Front of Card—Big and Colorful!
a.     Name of Figure
b.    Symbol/Picture
3.     Back of Card
a.     Three VITAL facts
b.    Two relationships/connections to figures from our Greek Myth Notes

NOTE:  Make them ACCURATE, simple, and clear!  People are going to have to copy YOUR CARD, and we want to convey the information quickly and easily.

Card rounds!  Get ready to write!
3.     Please turn in your annotated Foster chapter:  “Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before?”  We’ll discuss it tomorrow.

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