Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday, 11/30/2012

Creative Writing--11/30/2012—Day Twenty-Two
Happy Friday, Peeps!
When You Come In
·      Please sign in.
·      Prompt Word Poem:  Staple your rubric ON TOP of your poem.
·      Keep them at your desk, and we will fill out the rubric when the tardy bell rings.

Peer Conferencing
·      Prompt Word Trade-and-Grade (Handout and Model)

When You Finish, Start on the Following—Quiet, Independent Work Time

Writing Lesson:  Making Titles That Are Better Than This one
1.      Grab a yellow handout off the back table (with Earthbooks and folders).
2.     Grab an Earthbook!
3.     Complete the handout.
4.     Put your name on the handout, then drop it in the drawer.

Practice On Your Own Work
1.      In your google drive, open THREE pieces you’re considering using for your portfolio.
2.     Considering what you know about titles now, re-title these three works with stronger titles.
3.     Post your “Before” and “After” titles on google drive on the spreadsheet I made for this IN OUR CLASS FOLDER.  The spreadsheet is called “Stronger Titles”.

Collaborative Writing—Partner Dialogue Story
1.      Read your note to yourself about where you’re going next with your story.
2.     Apply what you learned from the writing lessons about PARAGRAPHING and about WRITING AND EDITING DIALOGUE.  Please and thank you!
3.     Continue writing this story—with or without your partner—until you’ve met the requirements, and then some!
You will be graded on the following:
1.          You use lots of dialogue to create the scene.
2.         You correctly edit the dialogue; refer to pages 40-44 for help!
3.         Length—your final draft is roughly one and a half pages, doublespaced.
4.         Fictional—it’s made up; it’s at least fifty-percent lies.

Writing Experiment #8 (Twenty to Thirty Minutes)
You’re the average of the people….
·      Write 1 ½ full pages, doublespaced.
·      Use paragraphing; follow the rules we talked about in class Wednesday.

THIS IS DUE MONDAY!  Finish it for homework, if needed.

College-Prep Reading

Before Lunch
1.      What is a HERO?
2.     Joseph Campbell—Hero’s Journey Prezi
3.     Think about YOUR HERO’S JOURNEY?  PARALLES? No note-taking needed! 
4.     Hero Presentations

Homework for Monday
Listen to Lavender's Greek Mythology Lectures:
Olympian Gods 2
Introduction to Myth
  • Take notes, then share them with me by class time Monday.

Study your vocabulary words.  We have a quiz Wednesday.

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