Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Breaking News! :-)

Creative Writing

Hello, chickadees.

Portfolio Reminders:

  1. Portfolios are due the last day of the term, with is seven class days from the day we get back from break.
  2. All information related to the Portfolio is in your ORANGE pages of your book.
  3. If you have questions, e-mail me!
  4. If you need me to upload any portfolio pages to google, let me know, and I will do that.

Revision Reminders:

  1. You should have FIVE pieces revised to a second draft--with AT LEAST TEN IMPORTANT changes to each one. 
  2. These should be saved in the correct folders in our class folder on google drive.
  3. We will PEER CONFERENCE these when we return to school, so they are NOT FINAL yet!

The Rest of the Term

  • We are going to write two to three more pieces before the end of the term that will be finalized and ready to go right into your portfolio.

Again, please e-mail me with questions or concerns.



College-Prep Reading

  • For starters, I know we are all deeply saddened to have to postpone the reading of Swift's   "A Modest Proposal".
  • Secondly, I know we are devastated to have missed our party and our college speakers.

What to Do Over Break

  1. If you see zeros in the gradebook for items you completed, share them with me, and e-mail me with precision and clarity about what the assignment was, etc.  I will look at those for you gladly--but they will not be in the gradebook until the end of break.
  2. Finish reading and annotating Swift's "A Modest Proposal" (homework grade for careful annotations).  Here's a text with some explanation you might find helpful, in addition to your paper copy.

What We're Doing the Last Seven Days

  1. ...reading Sandra Cisneros's A HOUSE ON MANGO STREET (novella).
  2. ...taking the final vocab quiz.
  3. ...finalizing free rice.
  4. ...returning to our discussions of what a good reader does.
  5. ...having a Socratic Fishbowl Final over MANGO STREET (last day).

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