Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday, 12/19—Day Thirty-Five--CREATIVE WRITING

   10             Days remaining (including today)
When You Come In
1.      Sign in.
2.     Open up your Santa’s Helper Letter in google.
3.     Start items listed below.

By 10:20 in 2nd block
Create Final Draft
1.      Look over the comments your partner gave you. 
2.     Make revision and editing changes as necessary. 
3.     Delete your partners’s comments and signatures.
4.     Copy and paste this document into Word.
5.     Create a fun border.
6.    Use a fun, readable font.
7.     If your letter won’t fit on one page, let me help you.
8.    Print your final copy to the library.  I’ll send someone to get them shortly.

Portfolio Revision #5
Organize it to here:  

2nd Block:

Turn It In
1.      Bring me your final draft.
2.     Sign your elf name next to your real name on my sign-in sheet.

And Now….
1.      Please pick up the final unit for your textbook:  Showing, Not Just Telling
2.      You do NOT need an iBook right now.

Big Ideas for the Week (Next Five Days)
1.       Showing, Not Just Telling
2.      Diction—Have that Vocabulary Variety sheet out every day!  
3.      Revision!

·      Unit 2—review what we’ve learned (and are still practicing)—page 33
·      Unit 3—get prepared for what we’re working on the next two weeks—page 51

Big Screen Notes (Imagery and Diction)
1.       Difference between “literal” and “figurative” language (p. 52)
2.      Least Vivid to Most Vivid (p. 52)
3.      Diction (Sandra Cisneros; p. 52)
4.      Vocabulary Variety—We took this page out and put it at the first of the new section of our textbook--we'll be using it a lot with this unit!

Writing Assignment Explanation for Sense Poem (Imagery and Diction)
  •  Sense Poem (page 60)

Writing Workshop (20 minutes for page 60, then typing)
1.       Sense Poem:  Fill out page 60, then create a thoughtful first draft, using Vocabulary Variety.
2.      Share this with me:  “Kerrie Willis” by the end of the block


  • Your PORTFOLIO is due Friday, January 11th.  See your orange pages for review.  E-mail me with questions or concerns.

College-Prep Reading

We discussed some of the information here:

We viewed this Satire Prezi

We viewed a Brad Pitt Commercial here:

We viewed a SATIRE of the Brad Pitt Commercial here:

We viewed the music video or “Ridin” here:

And we viewed the music video SATIRE “White and Nerdy” here:

“A Modest Proposal”
By Jonathan Swift

Background About “A Modest Proposal”
By considering this information, we are taking a HISTORICAL APPROACH.  Wear the paper plate!  J
1.       written by Jonathan Swift
a.      life and death = 1667-1745
b.      well-known as the author of the satirical political fantasy, Gulliver's Travels.
c.      published it in 1729 as a pamphlet (a kind of essay in an unbound booklet).
2.      Conditions in Ireland
a.      not an independent country
b.      far poorer than England.
c.      Most people born there were Roman Catholics and employed as agricultural laborers or tenant farmers.
d.      The landlords (landowners) were paid from the produce of the land, at rates which the workers could rarely afford.  This ruling class were usually Protestants.
e.      Many of them were not born in Ireland, nor did they live there permanently.
f.       If the laborers lost their work, there would always be other poor people to take it up.
g.      There was no social security system and starvation was as common as in the Third World today.
h.      Swift knows, in writing the Proposal, that in living memory, Irish people had been driven to cannibalism.

  1. We read and discussed about a fourth of the essay today.  We listened to the audio, and we annotated as we read.
  2. We reminded ourselves over and over, this is SATIRE!  :-)

Johnathon Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”


Reminder for Friday:
Sign up to bring your party item, please!

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