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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday, 12/18—Day Thirty-Four

Organization        (Five Minutes)
1)      Get all your papers back, and do a folder log-in.  (Papers and folder are on the heater.)
2)          Please review my comments carefully.
3)         Are there any of these pieces that you might want to include in your portfolio?
4)        If so, add it to your portfolio folder in your google drive.

Dialogue Editing  (Fifteen Minutes, MAXIMUM)
1)      You and your partner for the Partner Dialogue Story need to do the following:
a.     Sit down together, and carefully review my comments.  I only wrote comments on ONE person’s story and green sheet. 
b.     Correct your story on google drive; then both of you will have a clean copy. 
2)     Talk about the following with your partner:
a.     What did you do correctly in this story?
b.     What do you need to work on?
3)     How Am I Grading This?
a.     I will open your stories later today, and I will click on “File”, then “See Revision History”.
b.     I’ll look for the edits you made with your partner today.
c.      If you made all corrections, you have an “A”.  If you make some corrections, you’ll earn a “C”.  If you don’t make changes at all, you’ll get a default “F”.  L
4)     Why does this matter?
a.     Your revisions need to be error-free, perfect final copies. 
b.     Ask Mr. Collins (today) or me (tomorrow) if you have questions about the corrections you’re making.

Comments About Yesterday’s Classtime
As of 9:30 PM Monday night:
1)      Number of people who completed the Portfolio Revision #1 Assignment
a.     1st Block =  12 out of 23 people                       (52% of the class)
b.             2nd Block = 7/21 people                                 (30% of the class)
2)     Number of people who completed the Portfolio Revision #2 Assignment
a.     1st Block = 11/23 people                                  (47% of the class)
b.     2nd Block = 6/21 people                                  (29% of the class)
·       Thank you to those of you who worked in a focused way to complete your work for your revisions and portfolio.
·       To everyone else:  please understand, if you did not do these assignments by start-of-class Tuesday, you will be receiving a “zero” for your daily grade, which you cannot make up—because these were IN-CLASS assignments.
·       My question for those of you who did not complete the assignments is this:  what were you doing during the forty minutes I gave you Monday in class to work on these two assignments?  That is a huge chunk of time you squandered. 
·       I’m doing the math like this:
o   Santa Helper Letters should have already been done. 
o   Autobio Poem might have needed a half-hour of your time.
****17/23 people turned this in on time in first block = 74% of the class
****9/21 people turned this in on time in second block = 43% of the class
****NOTE:  Poems with rubrics are worth TEN PERCENT OF YOUR ENTIRE TERM GRADE.
o    That left forty minutes, twenty minutes for each revision. 


Revising Piece #3 for Your Portfolio (Twenty-Five Minutes)
1)      Your portfolio is due in eleven class days.
2)     You have selected FIVE pieces so far to include.  You created a folder for them in google drive.
3)     Open that folder, and piece #3 of those five pieces to start revising today.
4)     This is the time to SHOW EVERYTHING YOU’VE LEARNED this term, so do your best work!
5)     Make at least ten revisions to this document—not just edits, but revisions:
a.     Add words and sentences.
b.     Take words and sentences out.
c.      Switch words and sentences around.
d.     Take out words and sentences, and replace them with others.
8)     If the link doesn't work, go to our class folder, and you'll see "Portfolio Revision #1" there.
9)     If you can’t remember how to get something into a folder, ask someone for help.
10)   Type me a note at the top:  “Dear Willis, please look at my revisions, and comment on _________ and ________, so I can make my final draft for my portfolio.”  Tell me what you need help with!  Or what you want my feedback on!

Revising Piece #4 for Your Portfolio (Twenty-Five Minutes)
1)      Follow all the steps above, but save this piece in this folder:

If the link doesn't work, go to our class folder, and you'll see "Portfolio Revision #3 and #4" there.

All of the above items must be completed when I check Tuesday night/Wednesday classtime, or they will receive zero-credit—no late work accepted.

College-Prep Reading

College-Prep Reading

11:20-12:03—Quiet, Independent Work Period (Daily Grade)
The Enlightenment
1.      Click on the following link:
2.     Here you fill find eleven detailed paragraphs about The Enlightenment.
3.     Working on your own, create a set of outlined notes that helps you make sense of what you’re reading.
4.     From your outlined notes, I should be able to see organized thought, not simply a regurgitation of the facts.
5.     Share your notes with me at 12:03, before you go to lunch.
6.     Thank you!

12:30-1:15—Class Discussion
1.      When I get back at 12:30, we’ll review your notes.
2.     We will talk about the pendulum. 
a.     How did the Age of Enlightenment grow from the Renaissance Age?
b.     What similarities do you see, and what resonances do you hear?
c.      What’s different?
d.     What reaction (the pendulum) do you think will come next?
3.     Think about the Thomas Paine Common Sense excerpt you read and annotated for American Lit.  How does it fit in to the Age of Enlightenment?

·       Vocab cards (directions/grading on yesterday’s blog)

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