Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, 12/17/2012

Monday, 12/17—Day Thirty Three

Creative Writing
1.      Hello, chickadees.  I am home sick today, so here’s what I’d like you to do.
2.     Please do each of the following in order.  Anything you do not finish in class is homework.

Thing #1:  Santa’s Helper Letter
1.      Take out your checklist from Friday, (Extras should be on the sign-in table.) and read over it.
2.     By this point you should have done the following:
a.     Finished your letter completely, according to the directions on the sheet.
b.     Shared it with TWO other people in class for comments.
c.     Made FOUR comments (using the insert comment function) on your two partners’s papers.
d.     Shared your letter with “Clay Whisler”, indicating you are willing for him to check all the following, and put it in the gradebook.
Why Does This Matter:
We MUST get these letters to the first-graders by Wednesday afternoon.  I still need time to look at them, and then you need time to put them into Word, with a cool font.  So all items listed above must be completed by you this block.

Thing #2:  Revise to Final Draft Your Autobiographical Poem
1.      Get out your rubric for this poem—begin with the end in mind.
2.     Get out your red Vocabulary Variety sheet.
3.     Open your Autobio Poem on google.
4.     Go under “FILE”, then “See Revision History”, and review my edits.
5.     Read all my comments.
6.     Re-read your rubric, and create your final draft, making changes as needed to make your poem as strong as it can be, according to the rubric.
7.     Print it.
8.     Staple the rubric on top.
9.     Fill out the rubric carefully—all the blanks, except the right column (for me).
10.   Put this in the drawer.
Why Does This Matter:
1.            This is a performance assessment—not simply a grade for completing the assignment.  It counts for much more in the gradebook than a daily assignment.
2.           You might want this poem as one of your ten best for your portfolio, so make it strong.

Thing #3:  Revising Piece #1 for Your Portfolio
1.      Your portfolio is due in twelve class days.
2.     You have selected FIVE pieces so far to include.  You created a folder for them in google drive.
3.     Open that folder, and select one of those five pieces to start revising today.
4.     This is the time to SHOW EVERYTHING YOU’VE LEARNED this term, so do your best work!
5.     Make at least ten revisions to this document—not just edits, but revisions:
a.     Add words and sentences.
b.     Take words and sentences out.
c.     Switch words and sentences around.
d.     Take out words and sentences, and replace them with others.
6.    1st block:   Put it in this folder:
2nd block:
If the link doesn't work, go to our class folder, and you'll see "Portfolio Revision #1" there.
7.     If you can’t remember how to get something into a folder, ask someone for help.
8.     Type me a note at the top:  “Dear Willis, please look at my revisions, and comment on _________ and ________, so I can make my final draft for my portfolio.”  Tell me what you need help with!  Or what you want my feedback on!

Thing #4:  Revising Piece #2 for Your Portfolio.
Follow all the steps above, but save this piece in this folder:

All of the above items must be completed when I check Tuesday or Wednesday, or they will receive zero-credit—no late work accepted.

College-Prep Reading

Hello, chickadees.  I’m hope sick today, so here is what I’d like you to do.

Greek Myth Wordle Presentation and Viewing
1.      Present your Greek Myth Wordles in alphabetical order.  (You will need to plug your computer into the LCD projector.) 
2.     Don’t explain your wordle, but do give us one or two sentences that show your biggest take-away from your study of Greek Mythology.
3.     Audience members, fill out the Greek Myth Wordle Viewing sheet.  (I will share your comments with the wordle creator.)
4.     Please turn in your viewing sheet at the end of the presentations.
5.     Send me a copy of your wordle (as a PDF attachment, if necessary), once you present in.

Original Sonnets--Presentation and Listening

1.      Present your sonnets, in alphabetical order.  (You will need to plug your computer into the LCD projector, and read it aloud.) 

2.     Once each person presents, you should make three comments verbally.  Do you remember the TP-CASTT approach we used Friday in class with the John Donne poem?  Use those same TP-CASTT terms to comment on these original sonnets, so your comments don’t get generic, boring, and unhelpful.
3.  Make sure your sonnets are shared with me.

The Age of Enlightenment/The Age of Reason
1.    View the prezi here:
2.     Paraphrase in two sentences the philosophy of each of the following thinkers:
a.     Rousseau
b.    Diderot
c.     Paine
d.    Pope
3.     List five of the most important elements/qualities of the Age of Enlightenment.

Vocabulary #3 Words

·      Directions:  Please make a vocab card for each of the following words by WEDNESDAY, 12/19/2012.

o   Front of Card
§  Word, in big letters
§  Picture representation
o   Back of Card
§  Definition
§  Example
§  Non-example
1.      Astute
2.     Sagacity
3.     Ubiquitous
4.     Idiosyncratic
5.     Archetype            
6.    Inherent
7.     Predisposition
8.    Overt
9.    Shrewd
10.  Oblique
11.    Aubade                 (as used in poetry)
12.   Apostrophe          (as used in poetry)

Finish the prezi viewing and note-taking for TUESDAY.
Finish the vocab cards for WEDNESDAY.

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