Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday, 11/14/12

Welcome to Creative Writing!
11/14/2012--Day Thirteen
(1:10 Dismissal Schedule)

When You Come In
1.      Sign in, please.
2.     Please turn in WE #5 to the drawer.
3.     Pick up a Prompt Word Poem packet (off sign-in table).
4.     Get a laminated copy of the red Vocab Variety sheet, if you gave it to me yesterday, please.

Peer Conferencing:  I Am a Russian Tailor
·       Look at what a thorough conference looks like on paper.
·       You do the same quality and quantity, but you do it online.
·       Review how to make comments on google drive.
·       Let’s look at the expectations on the checklist, and you’ll be good to go!

With Me at My Desk
·       Read me your Earliest Memory Poem aloud.

Revision to Final Draft:  I Am a Russian Tailor
·       (Blue Handout)

·       Finish any items you did finish in class today on the blue handout.

College-Prep Reading

Day 13
November 14, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the clipboard.
2.     Pick up a Dance Marathon handout.
3.     Bag your computers until I tell you we need them, please.
4.          Please be ready to start academic discussions when the tardy bell rings.  Every minute we have together is valuable.  And with only sixteen of us, when you are engaged in a side-bar, or on your computer, it is blatantly obvious to the rest of the class. 
5.          If you come to class late from lunch, please bring a tardy pass from the office form now on.  I want to start class at 12:32, but we have people coming in later, and later, and later.  So, passes from now on, if you’re coming in after the bell.  ¡Gracias!

Backbone Literature
·       Greek Mythology

Backbone Literature
1.      Keep listening and looking now for resonances, echoes, patterns. Remember your summary of the Harvard article.
2.     Review people’s wiki post to take some notes on what a myth is (page 2).
3.     What is the Purpose of Myth? (From What a Beast!)
a.     To explain how things came to be—like the origin of the universe or the creation of humans
b.     To teach people about the values and beliefs that are important in their society
c.     To contain deep religious significance to the people who tell and believe them
4.     Important of Beasts and Creatures
a.     Represented evil in conflicts between good and bad
b.     Gave mortals the chance to slay them and become heroes
c.     Offered so many answers and explanations for disasters such as shipwrecks and volcanoes.
5.     What are the stories that will emerge?  Mythology is about the story.
6.     Finally, a quick Creation Story!  J

Viewing:  Myth Beasts/Creatures Slideshows
·       Do you see connections among the beasts?  Let’s order people’s presentations accordingly, so they’ll be more in context.
·       Take notes.  Here’s how I’m setting mine up.

Next Project:  Facebook Myth Persona
1.      These figures are either OLYMPIANS or TITANS.  These are the biggies as far as gods and goddesses go!  J
2.     Check out mine as a model:
3.     You must include a MINIMUM of all the items on page 14 on your Facebook page.
4.     Your page must be up and ready to view by classtime tomorrow.
5.     Yellow highlights—you have first dibs on your person, if you want.
6.     Take a look at your sixteen choices, and sign up for one.
7.     Get your pink pages to read the basic information on your persona.
8.     Do additional research for deeper understanding and knowledge.
9.     Create a facebook persona page.
10.   Title it like this:
a.     “First name of figure Olympianwashington”  “Artemis Olympianwashington”
b.     “First name of figure Titanwashington”            “Reah Titanwashington”
c.     Make sure the first name of your persona is the ACTUAL GOD OR GODDESS NAME!
1.      Get 200 index cards (Color and size are your choice.) by classtime Monday, please.

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