Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday, 11/15/2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!
11/15/2012--Day Fourteen
(Iowa Assessment Schedule)

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.      Get your manila folder off the table.
3.      Do a folder log-in as you get your pieces back.
1.      Six-Word Memoirs (3)
2.     Holiday Cheer/Big Event (WE#3)
3.     Earliest Memory Paragraph to Poem (only half the class)
4.     Free-Write #1 (last time)
5.     Halloween Story (last time)
6.     Cliché Story (last time)
7.     WE#1 Grateful/Popcorn/Leavee (last time)
8.     Around the Block Poem

Block 2 = 1:15-2:15
Block 4 = 2:20-3:20

Writing Lesson—Diction = WORD CHOICE
1.      Big Questions:
a.     What is diction?
b.     Why is it important?
c.     What happens to words over time?
d.     What does using precise adjectives have to do with diction? (review)
e.     What does avoiding clichés have to do with diction? (review)
2.     A Bunch of....  (page 17)
3.     Two minutes—match up as many as you can on your own
4.     Two minutes--work with a partner.
5.     Let’s see how we did!  J

Writing Assignment:  Death of Language (page 21)
1.      Put a big ol’ “X” through page 20.  That’s my old copy of the assignment
2.     Explanation of assignment
3.     Discussion of “A” models
4.     Why you’re using dictionaries for this assignment
5.     Workshop time = Friday
6.     Due Date = Monday!

With Me at My Desk
·       Read me your Earliest Memory Poem aloud.
·       Select between your Journal #1 and your WE#5 for me to read and comment on.

·       Death of Language (due Monday)
·       Journal #2 (due Monday)


College-Prep Reading

Day 14

November 15, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the clipboard.

Explanation of and Assignments for the Next Few Days
Facebook Activities
·       People you should friend are on the blog (links).
·       Thank you to those of you who have posted your page.
·       If you have NOT posted your page, you need to complete that ASAP.  This activity will be most meaningful if we have ALL SIXTEEN FIGURES! 
·       Activities due by Monday are as follows:
Homework:  Facebook!
1.      Friend everyone’s myth page with your myth page persona.
2.     Using your Greek Myth Persona (putting on a fictional mask, and speaking as that person/figure), do all the following WITH SUBSTANCE AND ACCURACY:
a.     Post on four people’s walls
b.     Comment on three other people’s pictures.
c.     Complete all family connections.
d.     Perform three other actions of your choice!
e.     Post two status updates.

Myth Barbie Assignment (pages 10-13)
1.      Overview
2.     Questions?
3.     I am going to have pink pages for you to use in class TOMORROW.  You may use these as one of your sources.
4.     Barbies are due MONDAY.
5.     Now, tell me who you want from the choices I have.  If you nominated this person on the wiki, you have dibs.

Block 3 = 11:35-1:10
Block 2 = 1:15-2:15
Block 4 = 2:20-3:20

Backbone Literature
·       Greek Mythology

Backbone Literature
1.      Keep listening and looking now for resonances, echoes, patterns.
2.     What is the Purpose of Myth? (From What a Beast!)
a.     To explain how things came to be—like the origin of the universe or the creation of humans
b.     To teach people about the values and beliefs that are important in their society
c.     To contain deep religious significance to the people who tell and believe them
3.     Important of Beasts and Creatures
a.     Represented evil in conflicts between good and bad
b.     Gave mortals the chance to slay them and become heroes
c.     Offered so many answers and explanations for disasters such as shipwrecks and volcanoes.
4.     What are the stories that will emerge?  Mythology is about the story.

Viewing:  Myth Beasts/Creatures Slideshows
·       We will continue merrily along!
Foundational Reading
Professor Foster:  How to Read Literature Like a Professor
·       Introduction:  “How’d He Do That?
·       Read, and annotate.  Make at least fifteen annotations, total.  Remember, you have a wide variety of reasons to annotate. 
·       Start in class; finish on your own for tomorrow.
·       Hand it in to Mr. Collins tomorrow when class starts.  It’s a homework grade, so give it to him when the tardy bell rings, or not at all.

Other Homework, Due Monday
1.      Get 200 index cards (Color and size are your choice.) by classtime Monday, please.
2.     Myth Barbie
3.     Myth Facebook Activities

Facebook Links
Please tell me ASAP if I have your name or your link wrong!  


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