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Friday, 11/16/2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!
11/16/2012--Day Fifteen
Happy Friday!

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     There are dictionaries under your desk to use in class today.  At the end of class, please stack them next door on the circle table.  Don’t leave them on the floor, or the custodian won’t sweep.  Please and thank you!

NOTE: Do not go to the printer one at a time.  Send one person down mid-way through the block to bring everything back, and then send someone the last five minutes of the block to get anything else that printed.

Writing Assignment #1:                                                                                         (Ten minutes)
1.      On google drive, typed:
2.     Make a list of everything bad that’s happened to you in the last week, no matter how big or how small.
3.     On the same paper, start another list:  make a list of everything good that’s happened to you in the last week, no matter how big or how small.
4.     Which list is longer?
5.     Do not print or share this.  We will come back to it Monday.

Writing Assignment #2:  Final Draft of “I Am a Russian Tailor” poem
·       Get out your blue handout, and complete any items on the checklist as needed.
·       Finish this today!

Writing Assignment #3:  Death of Language (page 21)
1.      Your answers should be typed, and they should look and sound like the five models on page 21.
2.     Workshop time          = Friday, in class; finish for homework as needed
3.     Due Date                        = Monday, at the tardy bell, printed!

Print and Put in the Drawer Today
1.      Halloween Story (2nd Block Only!)
2.     Final Copy of I Am a Russian Tailor AFTER you complete the blue checklist

·       Death of Language (due Monday); it has to be printed out when you get here!

College-Prep Reading
Day 15
November 16, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the clipboard.
2.     Please hand your annotated “How’d He Do That?” chapter to Mr. Collins.

Greek City State Work (until lunch)
1.      As a class, read what a Greek City State was on page 18.
2.     Get into your city states:
Citizen #1
Citizen #2
Citizen #3
Kaitlin B.

NOTE:  If, due to absences, you need to re-form, do so.  But groups should be no more than three, and no less than two.

1.      In your city-states, read and complete as much of the following pages as possible.  You are on a fact-finding mission, and your goal is to learn a lot, and to beat the other city-states with your knowledge acquisition.  J
2.     Complete the following pages as a trio. 
3.     Use your computers to research and find information.
a.     Page 19
b.     Page 21
c.     Page 22
4.     Please put these three sheets in the drawer when you go to lunch.  I’ll tally up the pages, and we’ll see Monday which city-state will emerge triumphant!  J

After Lunch
1.      Grab your pink reading pages for your Myth Barbie.  (Logan, I’m sorry, but there is no reading for Nike.  You will have to do all your research online.
2.     Re-read the expectations for the Myth Barbie, pages 10-12.
3.     Read the background on your god or goddess, and start creating your Barbie.  (Get markers from Mrs. P. in the art room; she has a big box.  Say “please” and “thank you” when you ask her!)
4.     Extra templates are on the back table, if you need a spares.

If time allows:
·       Freerice!  Make sure you’re in our group.  You need 10,000 grains by the Tuesday we come back from Thanksgiving.

Facebook Activities
·       People you should friend are listed below!  (links)
·       Thank you to those of you who have posted your page.
·       If you have NOT posted your page, you need to complete that ASAP.  This activity will be most meaningful if we have ALL SIXTEEN FIGURES! 
·       Activities due by Monday are as follows:
Once You’ve Friended Everyone
1.      Friend everyone’s myth page with your myth page persona.
2.     Using your Greek Myth Persona (putting on a fictional mask, and speaking as that person/figure), do all the following WITH SUBSTANCE AND ACCURACY:
a.     Post on four people’s walls
b.     Comment on three other people’s pictures.
c.     Complete all family connections.
d.     Perform three other actions of your choice!
e.     Post two status updates.
Also Due Monday
1.      Get 200 index cards (Color and size are your choice.) by classtime Monday, please.

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