Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!
11/19/2012--Day Sixteen
Happy Monday!

When You Come In
1.       Please sign in.
2.      Quiet reflection and reading time, first ten minutes of block for the following:
a.      Please pick up a self-assessment form for your Death of Language assignment.
b.      Fill the form out completely and thoughtfully.
c.      Staple it on top of your Death of Language.
d.      Put that bad boy in the drawer! 
3.      Get out your Vocabulary Variety sheet, and find as many PAIRS as you can of words that are synonyms, but that create different images in your mind.
a.      Examples: Dart and dash
b.      Sky blue and aqua blue
c.      Creep and sneak
4.      List them on your notebook paper.

Writing Lesson:  Diction
1.       Give me a pair of words off there that are synonyms, but create different images in your mind.
a.      Sweet and sugary
b.      Crowded and cluttered
c.      Tumult and pandemonium
d.      Flashy and sparkling
e.      Sprint and streak
f.       Oily and buttery
g.      Fly and sail
2.      What is diction?
3.      Why is it important?
4.      “Overweight” (loaded word)—spectrum from positive to negative
5.      Connotation versus Denotation—“Booger” Discussion

Writing Lesson Practice, Activity 1
What Are You Suggesting?
(p. 23) with a partner  (about fifteen minutes)
1.      Be appropriate and kind.
2.     We’ll share out with the whole class.
MORE POSITIVE                                          MORE NEGATIVE   
Brilliant examples from class:
1.       Aged                                                     old
2.      Promiscuous                                  skanky
3.      Popular                                                 preppy
4.      Petite                                                    Tiny
5.      Unique                                                 goofy
6.      White                                                    pasty
7.      Arrogant                                              stuck-up
8.      Smooth                                                soft
9.      Class                                                      swag
10.    Sandy                                                    gritty
11.     Wet                                                       damp
12.     Amazing                                               very good
13.     Intelligent                                           smart
14.    Exciting                                                fun
15.     Patriot                                                   soldier                                                                                              

Last Ten Minutes Of Class (On Your MacBook)
1.       Continuation of Writing Assignment from Friday
a.      Open up your list of good and bad.
b.      Remember, think small, and think big.  Don’t rule anything out!
c.      Now start a new list called “Things I’m Grateful For”.  (See “b”.)
d.      Do not print or share this.  We’ll come back to it tomorrow.
2.      Type your BEST six-word memoir on the spreadsheet in our class folder.  This will be shared aloud with the class, so choose carefully.

College-Prep Reading

Day 16
November 19, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the clipboard.
2.     Please write your name on the BACK of your Myth Barbie, and drop it in the drawer.  Clay will scan them, and we will view them tomorrow in class.
3.     Circle up your desks for discussion.

1.      Big Picture/Foundational Reading--Professor Foster:  Introduction—“How’d He Do That?”
a.     Let’s talk about your annotations.
b.     What are the big ideas?
c.     How does what you read apply to your study of mythology over the past week?
2.     What is a Myth?  (p. 2)
3.     Influences Today (pages 5-6)

Ways We Use Greek Words Today
4.     Let’s talk about pages 5-6
a.     Where have you heard these before?
                                      i.     Literature
                                     ii.     Advertising
                                    iii.     Movies
5.     Why do we still use these terms?

Finish Myth Beast powerpoints.

Greek Myth Flashcards
1.      Make one for each of your first three figures:
a.     Facebook
b.     Barbie
c.     Myth Beast
2.     Front of Card
a.     Name of Figure
b.     Symbol/Picture
3.     Back of Card
a.     Three vital facts
b.     Two relationships/connections

NOTE:  Make them ACCURATE, simple, and clear!  People are going to have to copy YOUR CARD, and we want to convey the information quickly and easily.

It’s on the wiki!
Reviewing all your study of Greek Mythology over the past week, answer all the questions on the wiki in a post by 11:20 Tuesday (class time).

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