Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday, 11/20/2012 (Late Start--Fog)

Welcome to Creative Writing!
11/20/2012--Day Seventeen
Happy Tuesday!

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Get your page 18 and your notebook paper from yesterday off the heater!

1.      Homework is due at the tardy bell, or not at all. 
2.     If you are here when an assignment is given, it’s due when you return.
3.     If you are absent the date the assignment is due, it’s due the day you come back, by the tardy bell.
4.     If you’re turning in an assignment after the due date, you have to put on the top why I should accept it.  Were you absent, etc?
5.     If you miss a daily grade, you have TWO days to make it up, per the student handbook. 
6.     E-mail me with a question about your grade.  I can research it and get back to you.  I simply cannot stop what I’m doing in class to check things like that.
7.     Try three before me:  big screen, blog, a neighbor.

1.      How did diction affect your writing of the six-word memoirs?
2.     Share one of yours aloud now for claps.
3.     Please and thank you!

Writing Lesson:  Surprise, it’s about diction again.
1.      Remember how we said some words are loaded, that they have baggage, that they have CONNOTATIONS that have to do with our own personal associations?
2.     Well, turn to page 24, to “Playing with Words”, then take a look at the examples I have on the big screen.  Do you see how people are basing their choices on the CONNOTATIONS of the words, instead of the DENOTATIONS?
3.     I’m going to give you five minutes to fill in as many words as you can.  You CAN USE any of the twenty words you listed for Death of Language.
4.     We’ll share out our best word from each category.
5.     Feel free to borrow!  Once you write them down, they’re yours to keep and use!  ;-)

Writing Experiment
·       Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies (poem)

Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies
Writing Experiment #6

What did you fear when you were young? 
·      Spiders?                                                                     
·      The dark?
·      Zombies
·      The vacuum
·      Clowns
Tell me one thing you remember fearing when you were young:
·      Heights
·      Shadows
·      Clowns (2)
·      Freddy Krueger
·      Tight spaces
·      Semis
·      Snakes (2)
·      The Beast
·      Bees
·      The dark (2)
·      The ghosts in the basement
·      Boogey-man
·      Birds
·      Monster under my bed
·      Teachers
·      Staying inside at recess

ASSIGNMENT:  Write a poem about one of your childhood fears.

What I want you to do (fifteen minutes):
1.      Type a poem that tells a story about a time you were afraid as a child.
2.     Type it/save it in google docs (your own personal folder).
3.     Use MLA format for heading.

·      Try to get at least twenty lines.
·      This poem will be read by ONE other person in this room.
Work Time = scant 20 minutes

Note:  Oftentimes a story or poem begins by answering a question.  Some questions make you want to write more than others.

Five Minutes—Read, Question and Comment
o   I will assign you a partner. 
1.      Share your poem with that person on google docs.
2.     Carefully read your partner’s poem.
3.     TYPE FIVE QUESTIONS you have about what’s happening in the poem. 
4.     Make two positive comments.
5.     Make any editing corrections (cosmetic stuff) that you see need it.

If you don’t finish in class, this is homework.

College-Prep Reading
Day 17
November 20, 2012

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in on the clipboard.
2.     Due:  Myth Connections (on the wiki)

Gods and Goddesses
About half the class presented their Barbies.  See my notes for catch-up:

Olympians and a Few Titans
1.      We got our facebook myth flashcard, and we held them up in front of us.
2.     We circled up, facing each other, and we took turns making connections with a variety of other people in the circle.
3.     We clarified some relationships, and we told some stories about our Olympian or Titan.
4.     We came back to the room, and we took some notes over the Olympians and Titans, to solidify our thinking.

Mythology, Big Picture
·       We looked at several people’s wiki posts to see what connections people were making thus far, and what we still want to learn about:
a.     The Trojan War
b.     The Creation Story
c.     A Family Tree

Homework for Tuesday, 11/27
1.      Read and annotate Professor Foster’s chapter 9, “It’s Greek to Me.”
a.     Make a MINIMUM of fifteen annotations.
b.     Read with your computer at your side, and Wikipedia the allusions (references) you don’t know.  Annotate these look-ups on your blue packet, so I can see what you found out, and so I can see you have some idea what Foster is referencing.
2.     Play freerice IN OUR CLASS GROUP until you have at least 10,000 grains:  http://freerice.com/content-group/big-time-vocab-crushers
3.     Go to the wiki for the Heroes of Greek Myth assignment:


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