Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday, 11/21/12 (Fog Delay)

College-Prep Reading did not meet today; 3rd and 4th block were designated "Senior Movie Day".  Your homework for Tuesday is listed on the blog for 11/20/12.


Welcome to Creative Writing!
11/21/2012--Day Eighteen
Happy Wednesday

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Log in all your papers to your manila folder.
3.     Open up your Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies Poem from yesterday.

Writing Assignment #1:  Finish Your Ghosts, Monsters and Bullies Poem!  J
1.      Carefully read over the questions and comments.
2.     Which TWO or THREE are tugging at you, asking you to answer them?
3.     Pick your favorite questions or comments, and go back to revise your poem, making at least TEN CHANGES.
4.     Consult your Vocabulary Variety sheet for diction help.
5.     Make any other changes you have, in the brief time that remains.  J
6.    Print a copy for me to the Media Center, front and back, and I’ll pick it up off the printer.

Writing Assignment #2:  I’m Thankful Poem
1.      Write a poem of at least thirty lines, made up of things you’re thankful for.
2.     Open your goods and bads list you’ve worked on twice in class.
3.     Review it.
4.     Share ONE of your aloud now, when I call your name.
5.     Think about other things your grateful for.
6.    Add these to your list.
7.     Re-order your items as needed, so there’s a progression from the FIRST thing you’re grateful for, and the LAST thing.
8.    Give your poem a title that adds a dimension to the poem.
9.    Make sure your MLA format for heading is correct.
10.  Print it to the Media Center, front/back, and I’ll pick it up off the printer.

Portfolio Reminder
1.      Open up to your orange pages.
2.     Review how your portfolio will be graded.
3.     Watch the slideshow for models of how this assignment has been completed in the past.

Homework for Tuesday, 1/27/12.
Journal #2 Requirements
·       a minimum of 1 1/2 pages, typed, doublespaced
·       You can use prompts from page 11, if you want to.
·       You can start a new idea, if you run out of steam on your first idea before you've typed 1 1/2 pages.
·       Come early to class if you need to print, as this will be be due, in the drawer, when the tardy bell rings Tuesday.

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