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Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Friday, People! 10/19/2012
When You Come In
1)     Please sign in.
2)    Please grab six blank pink bat sheets (fluency rubrics).
3)    Please grab your books.
4)    Lay out your TWO HOMEWORK REHEARSALS on your desk.
5)    Please do not be overwhelmed by all the papers you’re getting handed back to you.  We will be through with them in the first five minutes of class!  J

Notes About Today’s Rehearsals
·      Make sure you write AT LEAST one strength, and AT LEAST one thing to work on at the bottom of your partner’s pink sheet!

Notes About Yesterday’s Rehearsals
1)     Thank you for your honesty and your constructive criticism yesterday.  Y’all did a great job listening to, and commenting on, each other’s stories.
2)    Here is a sampling of some of the comments you guys made yesterday—dang, it sound like you really know what fluency is! 

Strengths in Thursday’s Performances
         Stopping at punctuation
         Asking questions
         Pauses when appropriate (phrasing)
         Being loud

Things We Need to Work on Today
         Learning and pronouncing all the words correctly
         Paying attention to punctuation
         Showing pictures
         Expression—don’t be boring
         Reading more smoothly

1)     Look over ALL your BAT SHEETS—yellow homework and pink from in class yesterday. 
a.     What is the area in which you’re strongest?
b.    What is the area in which you’re weakest?
c.     What area do you need to focus on most today?
2)    Write down TWO THINGS you’re trying to improve in this performance today on your SIX PINK BALLOTS.
3)    Turn your yellow homework ballots into the drawer, please.

Rehearsal Time
1)     First, you have to turn in your Prep Sheet #3.
2)    Here’s who I have so far:  Nichole, Morgan, M, Madonna,
3)    Everyone else needs to hand it to me now, if it’s done, or finish it right now—quiet in the room!
4)    I’m going to put you in quartets today—groups of four.  Read the book that needs the most practice, then return to the room to turn in your bat sheets and get a new quartet.
5)    You will complete two to three rehearsals today.

When You Finish Reading ONE Book to Your First Quartet:
1)     Turn in your completed pink rehearsal sheets.
2)    Let me match you up with another pair.
3)    Return to your room, and read a DIFFERENT book.

Last Twenty Minutes of Class
1)     Get all your materials, and move to a seat next you your partner.
2)    Explain homework.
3)    Offer extra credit.
4)    Deliver invitations to WHS listeners.  Schedule two listeners.

1)     Take two minutes to review all your rehearsal sheets thus far.
a.         What is the area in which you’re strongest?
b.        What is the area in which you’re weakest?
c.          What area do you need to focus on most for the weekend?
2)    Pick up THREE PURPLE BALLOTS off the stool.
3)    Write down TWO THINGS you’re trying to improve on your THREE HOMEWORK PURPLE BALLOTS!

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