Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday!  10/22/2012
Happy Last Four Days of Term One!  J

When You Come In
1)     Please sign in.
2)     Please turn in your three homework rehearsals to the drawer.
3)     Please grab TWO beige bat sheets off the circle table.
4)     Please grab your books.

Notes About Today’s Rehearsals with Staff
1)     First, let the staff person know you appreciate him/her giving up time to listen to you and help you improve on your performance.
2)     Talk about what your final is.
3)     Explain the fluency rubric (bat sheet) carefully, and ask your listener if he/she has any questions.
4)     Take a deep breath, and read one of your books.  (You will read a DIFFERENT book to listener #2.)
5)     Now, before you go, FILL OUT THE TOP for the FIRST rehearsal you’re going to do.
6)    Look at the schedule for where you’re going.
7)     Hustle there, and hustle back!
8)    Break a leg!

1.      What good information did you get from your staff listener?
2.     Review expectations for tomorrow, and look at the schedule.
3.     Go over the procedure for tomorrow, and sign up for which teachers’ classes you’ll be reading to!
·       People Not Here?  Madonna
·       Ransom
·       Nick G.
5.     Papers back, and binders organized in date order   (You’re going to leave these with me WEDNESDAY.)
a.     Put the papers in the appropriate section (See your purple syllabus for help.)
b.     Put each section in DATE ORDER—except FLUENCY!  Just put all the fluency papers and rehearsal sheets in the last section of your binder.
On Your Computer
6.     Review the four or five comments you got from the people who viewed your slideshow.
7.     Select the one comment that made you proudest of your work on this project.
8.     On your computer or phone, write me a response like this:
9.     Your Name:  The viewer said my picture was funny, and that he’d never thought of it that way before.

10.    Come in during SEMINAR TODAY or a book chat! 

·       Someone rifled through the cabinets in room 144 on Friday, and damaged a roll of wrapping paper.  If you did this, please let me know privately.

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