Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday, 9/12/2012

WEDNESDAY, 9/12/2012                                                                                          Day 15

When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please grab a new vocab handout.

·       Get papers back, and organize your binders, please.
·       Put everything in the correct section, then in date order.

New Vocab
·       Our new words with worksheet

Circled synonyms:

Underlined antonyms:

Review Old Vocab—I’m going to explain BOTH assignments before I turn you loose to work on them.  Do #1 first, then move on to making your flashcards.
1.      Write the six new words on your blank vocab grid.  I did the first one for you, except the picture.  Now you create this one.  You’ll need to use the sheets in your vocab section of your binder.
2.     Make flashcards for all sixteen of our words.
o   Vocab word on front
o   Nicely drawn picture on back
3.     When you finish your cards, trade them with someone else who’s finished, and see if you can JUST LOOK AT THE PICS, and identify the vocab word!

No time for Read and Relax today—full block of it tomorrow though!  J
·       Book chats with me as needed
o   Ross (4th)
o   Nick T. (4th)
o   Elaney (4th)
o   Holly (4th)
o   Shannon (4th)
o   Jacy (4th)

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