Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday, 9/12/2012

Reading Checklist

Hello!  This is your agenda and checklist for today.  You’re welcome!  J

When you come in:
1.      Sign in.
2.     Get your pink sheet and your free reading book off the table.
3.     Get markers, if you need to finish your vocab cards.

What I Expect from You Today
1.      Work in a focused and independent way.
2.     Stay awake.
3.     Get all your chores done.

Work Time
Today is a silent work period. 
By the end of the block, here’s what you should have done:
1.      Sixteen vocabulary flashcards, which I will grade as follows:
a.     All sixteen words are spelled correctly
b.    Writing is large and legible
c.     Picture is simple, big, and colorful
2.     Read-and Relax until the last three minutes of the block—use all your time for reading.

Mrs. Boyd will give you a four-minute, in-the-class break half-way through the block.

What We’ll Do Tomorrow
1.      Play vocab games with your flashcards.
2.     Read! 

Have a good rest of your Thursday!

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