Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, 8/22/12

READING--Day One!  Welcome!
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

·      We are out at 2:20 today; you go to seminar after this.

When You Come In
1.      Find your seat (the one with a post-it note with your name on it), and drop off your stuff.
2.     Initial next to your name on my clipboard for attendance (on the circle table by the door).

Book Selection
1.      Roam around the room, and find TWO books you think you might like to read. 
2.     Take the books back to your assigned seat.

How to Have a Conversation (Use every day, all term long.)
1.      Look the person in the eye.
2.     Use his or her name.
3.     Speak in polite language.

Pair-Share, then Class Discussion
Question:  How or why did you choose the books you did?
1.      Turn to the person next to you, and tell each other your answer.
2.     Talk about any other reasons you’ve chosen books to read in the past.
3.     When I call your name, loudly tell the class WHY or HOW you chose the book you did.  (Hold the book up while you’re talking, so we can see the front of it.)
4.     I’ll keep track of your answers on the Big Screen.

What’s the Purpose of This Class?
…to help you become a strategic reader.
·       You think about reading in ways that enhance learning and understanding.
·       You read proficiently.
·       You have a plan of action that moves you towards your goal or purpose for reading.
·       You stop periodically in order to keep track of your understanding.

Why Read?
·       Readers get better at reading by reading.  J
Every day, you will have thirty minutes of uninterrupted time to read a book you choose.  You can read the one you picked up today, or you can re-shelve that one and select another.  Your book needs to be a “just right” book.

Kind of Books
·       Easy
·       Just Right
·       Challenge

New Vocabulary
It’s the single biggest factor in comprehension/understanding.  If you don’t have the vocabulary, you don’t understand.
·       Novice
·       Adversity

Synonym for NOVICE         =          APPRENTICE           
Antonym for NOVICE         =          EXPERT
Kind of Adversity
1.     Divorce
2.     Holocaust
3.     School
4.     Pregnancy
5.     Car accident
6.     Losing someone special
7.     Losing your job

Synonyms for ADVERSITY
1.     Impediment
2.     Trouble
3.     Misfortune
4.     Difficulty
5.     Hardship
6.     Distress
7.     Struggle
8.     Hindrance
9.     Crisis

Read and Relax
·       We only read for about twenty minutes today.

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