Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Block 1--Samantha:

If you are still reading the novel, keep reading!  J

If you’re finished reading O, Pioneers, take the quiz here:

Print the results, and write reasons for any questions you miss.

If you finish reading the novel and taking the quiz, select ONE of the following as your final exam/paper topic for Cather’s novel:
1.      Compare Alexandra and Carl. Why is Alexandra more suited to the land? What are Carl's strong points? Do they make a good couple? What advantage, according to Cather, do they have in their marrying?
2.     What is wrong with the marriage of Marie and Frank? Why did they marry? Why will Alexandra and Carl marry? Do the differences in situations make a difference in their marriages in your opinion?
3.     Why is the marriage of Signa and Nelse important?
4.     Compare Amédée and Emil. What information does this analysis provide? What does Cather say about the way they have grown up? Does this have anything to do with the outcome of the novel?
5.     Ducks appear to be important in O Pioneers!. Why?
6.     How does Cather personify the land in O Pioneers!? How does this personification enhance the meaning of the novel?

Block Three:  Creative Writing

Perfect Moment
1.       Today, the first think you want to do is review your Perfect Moment Prep Sheet.
2.      Grab a Perfect Moment Rubric off the table by the whiteboard.  Review it, so you can begin this assignment with the end in mind.
3.      Get an iBook, and create your rough draft of the Perfect Moment (one paragraph, two at the most).  Print it to 212, and go get it, but remember to pick EVERYONE’S up when you go, so we don’t interrupt Ms. Flattery’s class fifteen times.  J
4.      Get the sheet entitled “Perfect Moment Memoir Draft #1 Directions” off the front table.  Find a partner, and complete a peer conference.
5.      Work your way carefully and thoughtfully down the rest of the checklist, robot-style!

When You Finish Today’s Work on the Perfect Momemt
What You Can Do During Writing Workshop
1.       Revise the one prose and one poem you are counting for your BEST REVISION.
2.      Revise other pieces that need smaller changes to ready them for your portfolio.
3.      Make edits—cosmetic corrections—to any piece going into your portfolio.
4.      Re-read the orange portfolio pages in your book.
5.      Start your portfolio reflection (due Thursday).
6.      Check your grades, and leave me a note about any unresolved issues.  (Remember there’s a folder on my desk with a few miscellaneous items in it, so check there, if you’re missing something.”

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