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Tuesday, May 1st, 2012


Today we spent the day with our third-grade writing buddies!  Here was the lesson plan we used for today:

Bombei (Third Grade) Writing Buddies
Spring, 2012  J

General Plan
1.      Catch bus at 11:20, to arrive at Stewart by 11:30
2.     Work for 55 minutes (until 12:25) with our writing buddies.
3.     Two of you will work with two third-graders.
4.     Go to lunch with the kiddos at 12:25, then to recess.
5.     Leave Stewart at 1:05, to arrive back at the high school by 1:15.

Lesson Materials in Packet
1.      Ogden Nash Poems
2.     Odgen Nash Poems You Wrote (3)
3.     Earliest Memory Paragraph to Poem
4.     Pen Pal Letter

Tuesday, May 1 Lesson Plans—You’re the Teacher!  J
1.      Ogden Nash Poems
a.     Read one of two of your favorites from Odgen Nash to your buddy.
b.    Read all three of your original Ogden Nash poems to your buddy (making sure they’re G-rated).
c.     Talk about what kids know about how poems are different from stories (sequeway into their writing assignment)
2.     Earliest Memory Paragraph-to-Poem
a.     Read your paragraph to your buddy, then read the poem.  Talk about how they’re different (paragraphs vs. lines; fewer words; diction; focus).  Show them how different yours look.
b.    Help your writing buddy remember something that happened a long time ago.
c.     Help your buddy write a paragraph about this event.
d.    Now talk about how to turn it into a poem.  What will you tell him/her about your own process with this?
e.     Help your student turn this piece into a poem!

Third-Grader                                                                         High-Schooler                         
1.            Madealyn and Trina                                         Katie W and Jazmine
2.           Roy and Noah                                                     Caitlyn and Mary Kate
3.          Jaden and Kristin                                              Keri and Jose
4.          Brandon and Zac                                                Oleg and Matt
5.          Alexander, Hunter, and Justus Angela, Alec and Adam
6.          Cameron and Ariel                                            Mariah and Kaitlin B.
7.          Bryan and Dylan                                                Mickey and Joey  
8.          Ryan and Trashaun                                          Tyler and Michael
9.          Emma and Ava                                                   Dayton and Annika

Please don’t be absent on the following days:
·       Tuesday, May 8th
·       Tuesday, May 15th
·       Tuesday, May 22nd
If you are absent, you will leave your writing buddy hanging, and this is not a good thing.

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