Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!
·       9                Days remaining for SENIORS
·       13               Days remaining for JUNIORS

When You Come In
1.       Please sign in.
2.      Please get a copy (yellow) of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”
3.      Reminder:  please do not be absent tomorrow—we’re going to Stewart to meet with our writing buddies!
4.      Who’s eating lunch?

Big Ideas for the Week (Next Five Days)
1.       Showing, Not Just Telling
2.      Diction—Have that Vocabulary Variety sheet out every day!  
3.      Revision!

Big Idea for Today and Writing Lesson:  Point of View
1.       WHO is telling the story affects HOW the story is told, and WHAT the story looks and feels like.
2.      Why?  Because the WHO has the eyes—we see everything through those ideas.
3.      Whose eyes have you been using for the voice of the stories you’ve told this term?
4.      Today, you’re going to concentrate on point of view, on the WHO in your story—and that WHO is going to be a young child, a young you—the kid you were at seven or eight.

Writing Assignment:  Early Memory
·       Early Memory:  Pages 49-50
o    Requirements
o    Models
o    Brainstorming
·       Audience Note:  One other person is going to read this today, AND you’re going to read it to your writing buddy tomorrow for coments.
·       11:55-12:03—Start typing
·       12:32—Continue and finish typing
·       12:52—Have a page doublespaced, so we can trade them!  J
·       12:52—Print to room 212 (Front/Back, if needed), but don’t go get it yet!
·       12:52—Put away your ibook neatly, please.  (Put “4”s on top of my cart.)

When You Finish
1.       Read your orange portfolio pages.
2.      Go through your google docs portfolio folder, and start revising and editing pieces you think you’ll put in your portfolio.
3.      Paragraph any prose pieces in your folder that need it.

Early Memory Peer Conference
1.       Lunch Menu and count
2.      Early Memory Revision—1st Draft handout (gold)
3.      Models from Haley’s and Normando’s peer conference over this piece
4.      Peer Conference!
5.      When you finish, staple your Early Memory ON TOP OF the gold peer conference sheet your PARTNER filled out for you.
6.      Hand them to me on your way out the door, please and thank you!

·       Portfolio

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