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Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Welcome to Creative Writing!
When You Come In
1.      Please staple the Journal #1 handout to the top of your journal, then put it in the drawer.
2.     Sign in, please.
3.     Grab a Cliché Trio Story Comments sheet off the table.
4.     Grab an ibook, and print off your Cliché story.  Let’s have ONE PERSON go get them all, instead of swarming Ms. Flattery!  J
5.          If your name is listed below, you need to share your Around the Block poem with me on google docs (your last name—Around the Block).
a.          Kaitlyn B.
b.          Jazmine
c.           Matt
d.          Kaitlin W.
e.          Adam
6.          Everyone else’s I have and am commenting on now.

Sharing the Cliché Trio Stories
1.      Print a copy for each person in your group. 
2.     Hang on to them, because they are your script for read-aloud!
3.     Highlight YOUR NAME on the top, and throw it in the drawer.

1.      Cliché Trio Stories!  Share aloud, and comment!
2.     Turn in your comment sheets when we’re done sharing.

1.      Clichés (p. 12)
2.     Precise Adjectives (p. 16)
3.     Turn these in to the correct folder on my desk for daily points.  Make sure your name is on there HUGE!  J

Vocabulary Variety
1.      This sheet is vital to your writing and revising this term.  Put it in a prominent place in your binder please.
2.     Now let’s take a look at several different categories, and see how one word can make a difference.  One word can put an image in your reader’s mind.

Writing Experiment--I Am a Russian Tailor
Last Thirty Minutes (Ten to explain and model; twenty to type)

Here's the assignment:
1.      Write a poem about yourself that is filled with lies.
2.     Try to make up creative, dramatic lies, rather than saying things such as “I have two cats” or “I love chocolate pudding.”
3.     Your Writing Task:  Write a poem that is a series of creative, dramatic lies!
4.     Don’t worry about what order you put stuff in—just type/write the lies as fast as you can!

Some Examples of Lines
·       My brain is in my foot.  I can’t think when I step on it.
·       I died last night.
·       I have over-acted worse than Tom Cruise.
·       I created air—every time you breathe, you owe me ten cents.

1.      NO BODILY FUNCTIONS!  Please, and thank you!
a.     Order
b.     Adding details
c.     Deleting stuff

Here’s a model:

Money Grows on Trees

I eat no meat whatsoever.
I eat salad for a living it’s all I can find.
When I sneeze pigeons come out my nose.
I love it when bull sharks snack on my leg meat.
Washington schools are nice and brand spanking new. I love them.
This is Sparta.
Tonight I will dine in hell.
I shot the sheriff.
I am so happy that pigs can fly.
I taught them last week.
My house is made of ginger bread and candy cane.
I run a Columbian drug cartel.
I lay eggs in my kitchen sink.
I invented the wheel and sliced bread.
London Bridge fell down last week.
I have two left feet and one is a sausage.
My blood is cherry flavored.
I have a son named Damien.
Two plus two equals chicken.

Alex Meyer

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