Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday, 3/30/2011

Welcome to Creative Writing!

1.      Sign in.
2.     Get a folder and a yellow sheet.
3.     Put your name on your manila folder tab, front and back.
4.     Pass papers backs.
5.     Log in the pieces you’re getting back today.


Free Write #1

Personal essay
WE#1 (Popcorn/Grateful/Leaver)

Personal essay
WE#2 (This I Believe; Comeback)

Class Big Idea
1.      Get your homework worksheet back, and let’s quickly check it.
2.     It’s punched, so put it in your binder between the Earthbook and Fraud pages.
a.     Earthbook Editorial Policy
b.     Academic Fraud

Other Big Idea (page one)
·       Acceptable Material
·       (Take notes on the inside front cover of your binder.)

Writing Lesson:  Choosing Precise Adjectives (p. 16)
1.      We will conduct several highly scientific experiments.
2.     Revise the sentences here to create a precise image in each sentence.
3.     Seven minutes:  Start—12:50-12:57
4.     Trade for two smileys and initials.
5.     Trade THREE TIMES.
6.     Share your STRONGEST answer when your number comes up.

Writing Lesson #2:Vocabulary Variety (pink handout)
1.      Put it someplace prominent and safe in your binder.
2.     Use it anytime you have a writing assignment.

Journal #1 (handout) OR SEE BELOW:

Journal #1—Requirements and Checklist (You fill it out!  J  )

YOU:                  Please write “yes” or “no” in the blank provided.

_______1)                  I have read page 10 in my textbook about what a journal can be.
                                    Here is the one statement I liked best from that page:




________2)                  I’ve typed, doublespaced a MINIMUM of one and a half pages on any topic of my choosing.                                                                                            (Keep in mind “acceptable material”.)                   
                                    I can use page 11 in my textbook for ideas, if I want to.

________3)                  I’ve saved it, printed it FRONT/BACK, and I’ve stapled this sheet (filled out) on top of it, then tossed it into the                                                       drawer.


My journal is                                     fiction                                    nonfiction                                    poetry                                    combination                                    (circle one)

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