Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


When You Come In
1.      Please sign in.
2.     Please put your WE#2 homework in the drawer.
3.     Get out a sheet of notebook paper and something to write with—please and thank you.  Write “WE#3—Earliest Memory” at the top.

Writing Experiment #3--Earliest Memory
1.      Model:  I’m going to tell you my Earliest Memory.  As I share it with you, pay attention to the details I am using.  Write down any details that have to do with the five senses.
2.     Now you brainstorm about some of your earliest memories.  Just make a list.
3.     OR, if you’ve already committed to the early memory you want to write about, list as many details as you can about it.
4.     You pair-share with a partner—chat about your ideas, ask each other questions, talk it out…. (2 minutes; 11:41-11:43)
5.     Now, create a new google doc, and type a paragraph about your earliest memory (ten-ish minutes:  11:47-11:57-ish?)
6.     Please doublespace, since this is prose (not a poem).
7.     When you finish your paragraph, ask yourself these questions, and type a list at the bottom of your paragraph that answers them: 
a.     What colors can I add?
b.     What textures did I feel?
c.     What sounds did I hear?
d.     What’s my overall feeling about this memory?
e.     Did I learn something from it?
f.      Do I like remembering it?
8.     After you type your six answers, go back to your paragraph(s), and add any details you need to, based on your answers. (12:33-12:38?)
9.     Turn Your Paragraph Into a Poem (Ten minutes) 
a.     Remember my paragraph?
b.     Now look at how I turned it into a poem.
c.     Now you do the same!
10.   And Finally….
a.     Title this document, “Earliest Memory—Your Last Name”.
b.     Do you remember how to print?  (from the printer icon!)
c.     Do you remember how to print front/back? (preview drop down                   menu)
d.     Do you remember where to print? (room 212)

Sharing Something in the Creative Writing Folder in Google Docs--Reminders
1.      Anything you put in there can be viewed and/or edited by anyone in this Creative Writing class.
2.     Do not touch anyone else’s work!  This violates the #1 mandate for this class, which is trust.  Be trustworthy.

Cliché Trio Stories                                                                            (Fifteen Minutes)
1.      Let’s finish these stories today.
2.     Open up your story, and check it for the following (both partners):
a.     Did I put in paragraphs where the ideas changed?
b.     Did I edit my dialogue with quotation marks to show that                   people are speaking aloud?
c.     Did I give this story a really cliché title?
d.     Did I make sure each cliché phrase was in italics?
e.     Did I check my content to make sure it is appropriate for class, based on the previous discussion we had?
3.     Do NOT print!  We will share these aloud MONDAY in class on the big screen!

Homework = None

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