Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, April 27th, 2012


Writing Buddies Announcement
·       We will be getting letters from our pen pals on MONDAY.
·       Don’t be absent TUESDAY!  That’s our first day with our buddies at Stewart!

Writing Assignment: Musical Memory Journal, page 48 (Thirty minutes)
1.       Read the requirements at the top of the page.
2.      Think about your song and your memory.
3.      Start typing! You have thirty full minutes.
4.      If you finish early, do the following:
a.      Make sure you have strong paragraph breaks as needed.
b.      Create a strong title (or at least a working title for now).
c.      Print front and back to room 212.

Peer Conferencing:  Musical Memory, First Draft (Twenty minutes)
1.       Get a handout called “Musical Memory Reading” off the front circle table.
2.      I will explain this AND the Prompt Word Poem Peer Conference model.
3.      Find a partner in ten seconds or less, and trade musical memories and sheets.  We have seventeen people here today, so there will need to be ONE group of three—but only one. 
4.      Follow the directions for the peer conference.
5.      Make at least ten comments on your partner’s Musical Memory, and fill out the sheet thoroughly.
6.      Started @ 12:41—ending about 1:01?

When You Finish Your Peer Conference:  do the following in order, and without talking, out of respect for people who are still conferencing—please and thank you!
1.       Staple the gold comment sheet your partner filled out for YOUR musical memory ON TOP OF YOUR musical memory.
2.      Put it in the drawer.
3.      Put away your iBook.
4.      Pick up a blue handout from the circle table, and start reading these little poems by Odgen Nash.
5.      Put a star by three you’d be willing to read aloud.
6.      Write a list of at least FOUR REASONS (on the back of your handout) for WHY  these poems would appeal to children.

Homework for Monday
·       None

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