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Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Creative Writing

Can I get someone to pass papers back right away?  Pretty please?

Day Two of Perfect Moment (1:55-2:10)
1.      Talk about the Perfect Moments you wrote down on page one of your packet yesterday (Remember the Titans).
2.     List as many perfect moments from your own life that you can think of!
3.     Look at assignment expectations and models (pages 4-5)
4.     Look at Kat’s model (p. 3) of how to fill out the Perfect Moment Prep.
5.     Fill out a Perfect Moment Prep (p. 2), which will be a skeleton for your rough draft.
6.     Or fill out page 1 at the bottom, if you are still brainstorming for ideas.
7.     At 2:17, put your name on it, and drop it in the drawer.

Day Three of Revision (2:17-2:47)
1.      Grab a purple “Advice for Revising Poetry” sheet off the back table.
2.     Grab a yellow “Wednesday—Revising Poem #1 and #2” sheet off the back table. 
3.     Do steps #1-5 on your checklist now.
4.     If time allows, complete #6 and #7 as well.

Peer Conference Over Poem #1 (2:47)
1.      Review the purple sheet.  Those are your pointers for what to talk about when you mark up someone’s paper.
2.     Fill out a gold sheet for your conferencer for Revised Poem #1.
3.     Remind ourselves what an “A” conference looks like.
4.     Get a new partner today for this peer conference (big screen).
5.     2:50:  Complete Poem #1 Peer Conference today.
6.          (We’ll complete Peer Conf. Poem #2 tomorrow in class.)

When You Finish Your Peer Conference
1.      Return papers to their owners.
2.     Staple your papers like this:
a.     Second draft (on top)
b.     Gold sheet (middle)
c.     Rough draft (on bottom.
3.     Put them in the drawer.  I’m going to review them, then give them back to you tomorrow.
4.     Please put your iBook away, and plug it in.  Or return it to cart #4 in Flattery’s room, if necessary.

Portfolio Notes
1.      Take the MLA format off! (…but not off the revisions you’re giving to me)
2.     Do anything you want for spacing, size, and font!
3.     Review your orange pages for help!
4.     What other questions or concerns do you have?!  J

1.      Revise ONE of your pieces to FINAL DRAFT form.
2.     Portfolio!


Happy Wednesday

1.             Short Story Final Draft Due
o    Thursday, 8:10AM          (Haley, Maddie, Emily, Shelby)
o    Friday, 8:10AM          (Everybody else!  J)
2.            DUE TODAY                           Children’s Story Almost-Final Draft
3.            DUE THURSDAY                  Children ‘s Story Final Draft

Children’s Story Work—Now Until Lunch
1.       Student Volume Overview
2.      Take a look at the photos.
3.      Do you want me to print your photos?
4.      Scan.
5.      Drop stuff into printing folders.
6.      Me:  Print everything!
7.      Binding!

Children’s Story
Short Story
½ Work Day
Fiction Circle at 12:32

Walking Tacos!  Read all block!
Fiction Circle—all block
Final Draft Due!  Go to Stewart to share!
1.       Fiction Circle
2.      FOOD?
3.      Earthbook Subs!

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